Why Riding With Anxiety is a Logical Paradox
 By Polo the Weirdo   •   5th Apr 2016   •   1,493 views   •   0 comments
Why Riding With Anxiety is a Logical Paradox

Anxiety often forces the sufferer to imagine the worst possible consequences to any scenario, often years in advance. Sometimes the sufferer will feel the effects of anxiety without even being aware of the dangers of the situation, or while being aware that there are in fact no dangers whatsoever. Paradoxically, equestrians seem able to ignore any possible consequences of any scenario, and ignore the effects of anxiety while being aware that there are in fact numerous life-altering dangers to a situation.

Things That Trigger Anxiety Attacks:

1. The packaging on that food product changed.
2. My friend got a haircut.
3. My friend made eye contact with me.
4. I have a friend.
5. I donít know how to operate this computer software.
6. My significant other spoke to me using a different communication app to usual.
7. This Coke bottle is sticky.
8. That person 200m away is walking towards me and I donít know which side to pass them on.
9. My room is a mess.
10. My room is too clean.
11. Too many Whatsapp messages.
12. Not enough Whatsapp messages.
13. I donít want to reply to my Whatsapp messages.
14. I didnít reply to my Whatsapp messages and now I canít reply because everyone hates me.
15. The layout of this supermarket changed.
16. Iím too stressed to do any work so I wonít have time to finish my work and this makes me stressed.
17. I have to walk near strange people.
18. People exist.
19. What if my cellphone rings in class five years from now?
20. What if my loved ones are in a terrible accident and I donít find out because my cellphone is on silent?

Things That Donít Trigger Anxiety Attacks:

1. My horse weighs 10x what I do and could crush me. What a cutiemapootie.
2. People get hurt in this sport. I might get tributes from strangers on the Internet.
3. That jump is big and solid and potentially fatal. It looks fun.
4. My horse has back studs in and he is swinging his rump at me. Aw, look who thinks heís big and scary.
5. This potentially lethal animal is pawing the ground and making threatening faces at me. Silly grumpy pony. Come eat a carrot.
6. Those teeth could rip the skin off my hand and crush my bones. Lol, look at him licking molasses off my fingers!
7. If I fall off this horse, I could get very badly injured. Haha, itís so cute when he bucks. Look how athletic he is!
8. I might fall in a very undignified position onto any manner of filthy surface in front of hundreds of people. My horse needs show exposure, so if he dumps me in the water jump Iíll see if the judges will let me try again after the show.
9. A 600kg loose horse is stampeding towards me at 50km/h. Iíd better jump in front of it and wave my arms before it runs into a road or something.
10. My horse keeps throwing me off when I try to jump a ditch. Iíd better jump more ditches and bigger ditches until he gets used to them.
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