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If Horses Were Feminists

Just when you thought it was quiet, a brand new bunch of abusers are making headlines in the horse world. Stories of race horse drugging, soring, slaughter and other abuse seem to just go on and on. Some stories though, seem to reveal a new level of stupid, or sad. Here’s a few picked from recent headlines.

Logan Allen
Take for example Logan Allen. If wearing a big cowboy hat and your jeans stacked over your boots makes you a horseman, than this guy is well qualified. There isn’t a lot of background about Allen as a trainer except he was the 2013 Iowa Horse Fair Colt Starting Challenge winner. But when you’re going pro, you really have to be careful about posting photographs on the internet, because you don’t know who will be able to see them. Ideally, people should be seeing your best work.

Apparently Allen didn’t think about the subject matter of his photos too carefully. Shortly after posting pictures of a horse laid out, hogtied and being sprayed with a hose, the photos went viral. Nothing unusual going on claimed Allen. Just getting him used to the water - and its tongue is sticking out because it's licking. Its head never got wet, so that makes it okay. Other pictures show the horse covered entirely with a tarp. According to some trainers, this is a method called ‘flooding’ where an animal is exposed to what it fears in such a manner that it becomes numb to the fear. And, in some training methods, laying a horse out is used to teach it submission. It’s the method described in the book ‘The Horse Whisperer’.

Warning Graphic Images
Logan Allen Photos

This almost makes his claims plausible, until more photos surfaced of Allen standing on a prone horse, hitting it with the butt end of a whip. And more photos, this time of dogs attacking a cattle beast and a picture of a severed tongue with the caption ‘Another one down. This pup is gonna be rank.’ You really should have thought that through Logan. Bull baiting is kinda frowned upon. There are now several active petitions demanding that Allen’s 2013 training award be revoked and asking for his prosecution on charges of animal cruelty.

Andreas Helgestrand and the FEI
Andreas Helgestrand won four dressage championships in a row from 2005 to 2008. The internet reacted swiftly when a photo of a horse Helgstrand was riding showed the horse to have a purplish tongue and possible spur wounds. The police were notified and he was accused of animal cruelty. Because prosecutors could not prove that the horse had indeed been harmed, Helgestrand was acquitted. Then, he was caught again. The dressage world has increasingly become aware of the practice of rollkur, and Helgestrand appears to be the poster child for the method. Darn thing is, people that use it, including Helgstrand, keep on winning. But Helgestrand is the only one the FEI is making a fuss about. Because if the stop Helgestrand, they’ll stop everyone? Right.

The Havasupai
It’s hard to believe that there are people who live in third-world conditions in North America, but they do, and so do their animals. The Havasupai are a tribe that lives in an isolated area southwest of the Grand Canyon. The rugged beauty of the area has turned it into a lucrative tourist destination and the Havasupai charge to enter their lands and to take tours of the Havasupai Trail on foot or by horseback.

The tourist trade is said to bring in 4 to 5 million dollars a year for the tribe, yet they appear to live in poverty. The horses used for trail rides and packing are very malnutritioned and covered in horrendous sores from poorly fitting tack. According to reports from tourists, this has been happening for decades and complaints to the tribe have been ignored. Finally, the federal government has stepped in and have enforced animal abuse laws, laying charges for abuse and other misdemeanors. Animal rights groups and individuals are calling for a boycott of the horse trail rides and are trying to help the horses, but the Havasupai can ban anyone they choose from entering their lands, making it difficult to help either humans or horses involved.
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