Horses Are Better Than Cats
 By Winniefield Park   •   13th Aug 2016   •   1,961 views   •   1 comments

Oh Polo, I thought we could get along. I thought our common love of horses would be a commonality indicating a similar view.. But, when it comes to kitties, I see we may, at best, have to agree to disagree. You see, because for some unconscionable (a word I can spell, but not pronounce) reason you think kitties are amazing. Youíve become a kitty slave. You are willing to sacrifice comfort, sleep, and the ability to make a decent living wage to the care and worship of your kitty. Dear, misguided Polo, have you forgotten? Has your allergy medication altered your reasoning powers? Horses rule! Horses are much better than kitties! Itís time to mend your cat loving ways. Here is why horses are better than kitties.

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Horses are Better For Our Physical Health
Thereís riding of course, but thereís also all that carrying, stall cleaning, grooming, and other physical activity thatís involved with caring for and enjoying your horse. Thatís a lot of healthy exercise. But what about kitty care and enjoyment? Yes, Iím sure lugging that 10 lb bag of cat litter from the car to the house is strenuous - for about 30 seconds. Be careful of straining your wrists opening those finicky little cans of smelly cat food. But waving that feather around for your cat to attack isnít going to build much muscle. And when was the last time you saw someone even walking their cat? Horses are just better for us.

Horses are Easier on the Furniture
Ragged chair and sofa arms are the sign of a dedicated cat lover, especially if the furniture is leather and has been lovingly Ďsuededí by the cat. And if the cat doesnít like the furniture, the phase of the moon, you or the fact that the DNC was held in Philadelphia, it will let you know. I don't know a cat owner that hasnít at least once Googled how to remove cat urine from a pillow-top mattress. Iíve had horses and furniture for several decades. Youíd never know I owned both by looking at either. Horses donít do revenge.

Horses Rarely Disturb Our Sleep
I say rarely, because there is the odd colic, foaling or insanely early-morning start to an event that keeps us awake in the wee smaís. But, for the most part, your horse will let you sleep soundly. A cat however, is a nocturnal creature that hunts its prey in the dark hours before dawn. Unfortunately, the prey can take cover amongst grandmaís heirloom china on the sideboard. Oh well, who wanted to handwash that stuff anyway? Or, the prey is likely to be your foot, or nose, innocently poking from beneath that (stained) duvet. And is that the sound of thundering hooves in the night? No, itís only kitty, practicing dead sprints up and down the hall.

Itís Hard to Know What a Cat Is Thinking
Horses have easy to understand expressions. You can tell what they are thinking by their body language, ear position, expression around their eyes and even their muzzle. Not so with a cat. A cat can be sweet and loving, then suddenly turn into a ball of flesh ripping spikes. You can be petting kitty, who returns your attentions blissfully and suddenly, your hand is kittyís pin cushion and youíll never know why. At least horses give some warning.

Stalls VS Litter Boxes
Oh wow. Cat boxes are just nasty. Now, a lot has changed since the cats of my childhood pooped in cardboard boxes filled with sand. But, Iíd still rather clean a stall any day. Horse manure is healthier, with fewer people-infecting germs in it. The activity qualifies as exercise too. You can put horse manure in the composter, but youíre warned not to put cat poo in the composter or garden. Or garbage can for that matter. Where are you supposed to put that stuff? But people will PAY for horse manure. Another win for the horse.

I could go on. Horses are easier to train. Tell someone you have a cat and how impressed will they be? But tell people you have a horse and you have a sure-fire conversation starter. When was the last time your cat won a ribbon at a cat show? I bet never. But I wonít belabor the point. Horses are better than kitties. They just are.
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However PUGS rule over Horses and Cats! So I win! xD
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