Go To School With Your Horse
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Another school year has begun and very shortly many students will be sending applications to their chosen post-secondary school choices. For some, going to college or university means selling their beloved horse because they need the money. A few others however, will be packing their horses bags as well as their own.

Many students taking their horse to school with them will be enrolling in equestrian related courses. These courses encompass a range of equine business management, equine science, pre-veterinary, therapeutic horsemanship, teaching, schooling and horsemanship degrees and certificates. Some may offer more general animal science studies that can lead to specialization such as assistant or tech that could work with an equine veterinarian clinic. Other schools have active competitive equestrian programs for students to participate in, but do not offer any academic equine studies. Ideally, it would be great to take your horse with you. But, if you canít many schools offer riding programs that allow you to take lessons and compete with borrowed horses.

One of the most well known post-secondary schools with equine courses and teams is Centenary College in New Jersey. In addition to their Bachelor of Science in Equine Studies students can also be part of their equestrian teams that include an Intercollegiate Dressage Association dressage team, a hunter/jumper team and hunt seat and Western Intercollegiate Horse Show Association competitions. The equestrian facility is 65 acres that includes stables, two indoor rings and a cross-country jumping course.

West Texas A&M University is another very well known university for animal studies of all types. The A&M stands for agricultural and mechanical so this is the place to do for any course having to do with the agribusiness although there are courses in healthcare, computer science, business, music, fine arts and the humanities. WTA&M has an 80 acre equestrian facility.

University of Guelph is in Ontario and is one of the top agricultural schools in Canada. UofG is at the forefront of many equine related studies and research programs. While the school does not have its own equestrian facility, there are opportunities for students to ride at several stables that work with the school. The school does have an extensive veterinary hospital. Students can compete in IDA, IHSA, the more local Ontario University Equestrian Association shows or take part in international shows.

Meredith Manor is a bit different from many schools because their primary focus is horses. MM is a vocational college and all studies are horse related. MM emphasizes hands-on learning and preparation for a career in the horse industry. Students can learn riding skills, equine management, teaching, competition management, training, and farrier skills. Students can bring their own horse, or may use one of the schools.

This is just a small sampling of the many schools where you can take your horse with you. The most important thing of course beyond the costs, is to get those marks up so you can make your choice. How do you get in? Like any school, you need good grades and test scores. Then check your chances with Cappex to find out who is being accepted, and what test scores youíll need to attain. Here are two pages with lists of Equestrian colleges and schools offering equine studies.
Best Equestrian Colleges
Equine Studies Bachelorís Programs
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