Similarities between Students and Equestrians
 By Polo the Weirdo   •   4th Sep 2016   •   1,106 views   •   0 comments
Similarities between Students and Equestrians

Being part of both worlds, I couldn’t help but notice certain shocking similarities between students and equestrians. Though all must agree that both students and equestrians are unique breeds that just don’t quite ‘fit’ with the rest of society, when you look a little closer, it is clear to see that this uniqueness actually overlaps, at least just a little. Coincidence? Perhaps. But as an equestrian student myself, my theory for what causes the overlap is this:

We’re nuts... All of us... Totally bonkers. ‘Cause it takes a special kind of crazy to subject yourself to the torture of studies, and an even more special kind to climb on top of a half-ton animal.

1. For equestrians and students alike, baggy pajamas make perfectly suitable outdoor wear. The only difference is that while students bundle up their PJs underneath their daytime clothes, equestrians slap the PJs on over theirs.

2. Dark-ringed panda eyes are equally common among students and equestrians. The only difference is that while students have black rings from exhaustion, equestrians’ ones are more likely caused by blood force trauma.

3. Both students and equestrians dedicate an unholy amount of their time toward gaining achievements and qualifications that will ultimately only prove useful to them if shredded and worn as a party hat.

4. Students get their asses figuratively kicked by essays, tests and exams. Equestrians just get their asses kicked. Literally.

5. Both are extremely prone to panic attacks, equestrians before a dressage test, and students (just) before a deadline.

6. Students and equestrians both frequently find themselves in deep crap. Only difference is, equestrians usually have the tools to shovel themselves out. Students just cry and then take a nap.

7. Trainers are a necessity to whip students and equestrians into shape. Though as I understand, it has become illegal to literally whip students to get results.

8. If you want to lure students and equestrians all to the same spot, just lay out some food. Both have been well conditioned to believe that the best (and sometimes only, after a big vet bill) meal is a free meal.

9. Stress levels: over 9000.

10. Whether it’s trying to solve a mathematical equation or tricky philosophy problem, or working hard on that inside bend, both students and equestrians are likely to spend that majority of their days just going around in circles over and over and over again...
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