2016 Breyerfest Video
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There is at least one equine event that attracts horse lovers of all ages from around the world where you donít actually have to own a horse to participate. You donít have to ride, drive, memorize dressage tests, jump courses. Still, getting ready for this event can take months. And, if you think bathing, brushing and braiding your horse for a show is a lot of work, consider how much more laborious it must be to start out your competition preparations with a coat of primer.

This event is called Breyerfest. Breyerfest is a three-day celebration of Breyer horse models in Lexington Kentucky at the famous Horse Park, where participants would have driven past many pastures of the real thing. The festival, a celebration of all things Breyer has been held annually for the past twenty-eight years. This yearís theme was Carnival, tipping the hat at Brazil, site of the most recent Summer Olympics. The theme was woven into the opening ceremonies, fun costume and dance competitions and of course, the competitions of the models themselves. One of the most interesting and colorful competitions is the building of dioramas and in keeping with the Carnival theme, the competitors spent weeks decorating horses and scenery with brilliant feathers, sequins, and other materials. The 2017 theme is Gateway to India, another invitation to explore rich color, textures, and motifs.

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Like a real horse show, there are line and performance classes at a Breyer horse show. Competitors can enter up to fifty models. There is an extensive document of rules that govern what can and canít be done. There are classes for different breeds and types and different disciplines. And, there are classes for models with their original out-of-the-box finish, and for those that have been custom painted. Each horse is shown with a short document - either recipe card or letter paper sized, that outlines what the model is and how it is altered. There are classes for special run models, Christmas models and every other variation available.

Many of the show participants are or were horse owners themselves. Others have never been near a horse. Breyerfest has something for anyone including live horse ambassadors and demonstrations and other opportunities for those who havenít had the opportunity to meet a horse close up. For those who catch the Breyer collecting bug for the first time at the show, or those who are already collectors, there is a Market Place, swap meet and an artisan's gallery where models are available for purchase, or just get inspiration.

Throughout the festival, there are demonstrations, workshops, and seminars about the world of Breyer collecting. There is the Kentucky Horse Park to explore and not all of the activities are indoors. This yearís schedule included a 5km fun run, the proceeds of which went to retired Thoroughbreds of Old Friends sanctuary. A miniature jump course, sand box toys and Splash Dogs demo and pony rides kept kids moving.

Interested in attending Breyerfest 2017? The date is July 14 through 16. Book your accommodations now as local hotels fill up quickly. Be prepared for long line-ups and wear sturdy shoes because although there are few real horses around, the crowds can get thick and youíll still be in danger of having your toes tromped on. If you want to compete, head over to the Breyerfest website, download the rules and start reading and get ready for some serious competition.
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