Horses And Donkeys Killed For Cosmetic
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Most of us cringe at the thought of there being horse meat in our hamburgers. But is it possible that there could be a horse in your lipstick, eyeshadow or face cream? Animal-based products are not unusual in most cosmetic products. And there isnít an easy way to find out just what kind of animals are used. Even with meat removed, there is still a lot left of a horse after slaughter. Often, the rest of the carcass goes for fertilizer. But, often animal carcasses are rendered to extract the various bone, fat and tissue components. Is there a horse in your lipstick? Itís possible, depending on where you buy it. Hereís a look at what could be lurking in those jars, tubes, and tubs we all have.

Anti-aging products are very popular, and most cosmetics that claim to have anti-aging properties contain sunscreen. A few, however, claim to have other ingredients meant to slow down or minimize the signs of aging. One ingredient that has been on the radar of animal rights activists lately is ejiao. In China, this has been an ingredient used in cosmetics sold to the very wealthy. It is also consumed as a medicinal supplement. However, in the last several years it has become more widely popular. That means manufacturers have to find more sources and that is taking a toll on the donkey population in China and its trading partners.

Ejiao is made from the gel-like component of donkey skin. The harvesting of the ingredient has caused some countries to ban the export of donkey skins. Not only are donkeys affected by the cruelty of slaughter, the demand for hides is so great that in many communities around the world, donkeys are being stolen, their owners who depend on their donkeys for their livelihoods are affected and being thrown into greater poverty. Locals have also had to contend with shoddy slaughter plants polluting soil and drinking water. You probably wonít find cosmetic products with ejiao on North American store shelves. But it is available from some online sources.

Collagen is a well-known cosmetic ingredient and continues to be popular even though it has not been proven to have any benefit to your skinís own collagen production. Collagen is extracted from the tissues of many animals, most commonly cattle. But, thereís no guarantee that the collagen in a product hasnít been rendered as a by-product of horse slaughter. There are a number or similar ingredients that claim to help skin renew itself, and all are made of animal by-products.

Cystine is an ingredient that can be made from horse hair. This is used as an emollient in some lotions. You can find this on ingredient lists as L-Cysteine, Cysteine, or Cystine, L-Form.

Horse oil is very popular in some countries for giving hair a lustrous sheen. This is rendered from horse fat. It is possible to buy horse oil products in cream and balm form online and they claim to tackle all sorts of skin problems from acne to dry skin. Tallow too can be rendered from animal fat. Tallow helps hold lipstick together and is used in many creams and lotions.

Estrogen is probably the most well-known drug and cosmetic ingredients made from horse by-products. In many places, its use is banned in cosmetics. Estrogen we know is derived from the urine of pregnant mares. The production of urine for drug use has come under fire and as a result, there are far fewer PMU farms than there once were.

If you wish to avoid the use of cosmetics with animal products, itís easy to find good quality vegan options. This way, no matter if it's a horse product or not, it wonít be on your face or body.
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