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A nicely appointed stable is a wonderful place to keep horses. Wash stalls, viewing areas and lounges, and other amenities are convenient although many of us do just fine with much less. There are stables that go beyond well appointed to downright glamorous. Here are just a few.

Dubai Polo Club
Polo and glamor just seem to go together, and Dubai, where everything seems a bit shinier, the Dubai Polo Club is the self-described hub of equestrians in the country. Outside the stables, spans of green grass and palm trees stretch under the clear blue skies. There are polo fields, all types of riding rings, and turn out areas. The stables themselves are a bit more utilitarian than glamorous, but the care is top notch, provided by world-class trainers, horse care specialists and veterinarians. The Polo Club of course, has clubhouses, restaurants and other venues that are popular for all types of non-horse events like weddings, showers and corporate events.

Ville De Paris, Paris, Versailles
The Château de Versailles was originally a hunting lodge until Louis the Fourteenth decided to move the seat of France’s government out of Paris. He started changes in 1661 and from 1679 to 1682 the stables, the Petites Écuries and Grandes Écuries were constructed. The stables, named for their function and not their size was built directly across from the main château. The exterior of the buildings are adorned with bas relief sculptures and intricate brickwork. The Grand Ecuries housed the kings and princes’ personal horses and a riding school. The Petites Écuries housed the coach horses and other horses kept for more utilitarian purposes. The stables could house up to 2000 horses.

Today the stables are used by an elite riding schools. The indoor riding ring is lit by elaborate chandeliers and has a gallery for spectators at one end. The stables themselves are roomy, bright with vaulted ceilings, cobbled floors and detailed metal work. Today, the Petites Écuriesis home to a sculpture gallery.

Two Swans Ranch, Wellington, Florida
As we’ve seen, Wellington, Florida is the second home of many of the rich and horsey. So, it’s natural that there are going to be some really nice stables there. One such stable is the Two Swans Ranch. The farm was owned by the widow of the co-owner of the Boston Celtics and Chairman and CEO of the Madison Square Garden Corporation. It’s now owned by an Ecuadorian who paid over 6 million dollars for it. The facility is built on ten acres and features a 12 stall courtyard stable and covered riding area. The stall walls and ceilings are clad in dark gleaming wood and the floors are tiled. There are of course, accommodations for staff and the tack room is better decorated than a lot of people’s livingroom. Even the riding arena features a spotless wood ceiling. Everything is set up to enjoy the view horses at turnout or being ridden.

The Royal Mews
How could the Queen’s Stables not make it to this list? The Royal Mews were originally at Charing Cross, but in 1820 moved to their present location at Buckingham Palace. The Royal Mews is not just a historic site, but a working stables. This is where the horses used in royal and state functions are kept. Many of the stalls are wide standing stalls, but there are also loose boxes. The interior is painted white and black. The floors are tiled and the ceilings are vaulted. This is also where the various horse drawn vehicles are kept, such as the Gold State Coach. Tours are available through the stables.

Nachos Figueras’ Polo Barn
Is this an art gallery, or a stable? Argentina is the home of Nachos Figueras, who is described as the David Beckham of polo. His stable is built on the flat pampas region and is a state-of-the-art facility featuring a futuristic design was completed in 2106. The stables are home to up to 44 horses. Fences are solid walls and water features. Some of the turnout area is on the roof where wild pampas grasses grow. Surrounding the buildings are the well groomed polo fields. There’s no expensive marble or tile in this stable. Rather local wood and long lasting concrete was used in the design. The architecture calls to mind a modern art gallery, but the horses are the feature here, and the layout is designed to do just that.
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