Horse Feng Shui
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Horse Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a Chinese method of arranging things like decor, furniture and other possessions, building design, and choosing colors in your home or office so they have a favorable effect on the inhabitants. Poor design, poorly chosen or arranged furniture, tchotchkes, artwork and colors can have negative effects on people, whereas careful arrangement and color schemes can have fortuitous and energizing or relaxing effects, depending on what a space is used for. Symbolism is also important and among the many symbols are horses. Artwork, figurines and other depictions of horses can be powerful symbols for your a home or workplace.

In Chinese symbolism the horse generally represents loyalty, bravery, success, endurance and progress. There are two main types of horse symbolism; tribute horses and victory horses. Tribute horses symbolize an increase in luck and prosperity. Victory horses are thought to symbolism motivation and success. Depictions showing a moving horse are thought to focus energy on a successful course of action. For this reason however, in places where you might want a calmer energy, a depiction of a moving horse might be unsuitable - such as a bedroom or other quiet space. If you must have a horse in the bedroom, you can balance it with something like a frog, with its ‘yin’ energy, which is opposite of the horse’s fiery ‘yang’ energy. The number of horses depicted and the position in a space are also important.

Birds are another good mix with horses. Birds flying near a horse’s hooves will help prevent any animosity in business or personal dealings. If you want to win at gambling, a horse with a fly on its back is a symbol that will enhance your luck. A monkey on horseback is a good talisman for those who want to climb the career ladder.

According to the rules of Feng Shui, you will want any horse art or statuary facing into a room. That way the energy of the symbols moves into the room. They should also be facing doors or windows. This helps to infuse any energy entering with its good effects. Place some horses in a hallway or entrance to increase your luck and help build a favorable reputation. Wear a horse charm to work to help achieve goals and exceed your boss’ expectations. A horse statue or picture facing a door will help protect you from negative influences. Keep a something with a horse on it on the corner of your desk or room to enhance your respect and bring fame.

In some cases, two or more are better than one. A pair of horses carrying gold is thought to bring fame and success. These should be placed in the southwest corner of a room for the most positive effect. If you wish to overcome ongoing problems however, you might want to try placing them in the northwest corner. If you have a space for your love and marriage symbolism, a horse is a good addition as long as there are two horses depicted.

You might want to avoid depictions of horses that look depressed, angry or are fighting. These are bad Feng Shui and could invite conflict into your life.

And that horse in the stable? It’s bad Feng Shui to enter its stall when its hind quarters are facing the door. Always have two more horses than there are riders, or you will be inviting a lot of negative energy when you go out to ride. And, never keep a real horse in the corner of your bedroom. That could cause a lot of extra floor cleaning and who needs that?
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