US House and Senate at Odds on Horse Slaughter
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US House and Senate at Odds on Horse Slaughter

The FY19 Agriculture Appropriations bill has been passed by the United States Senate Appropriations Committee with a provision to continue the ban on horses and donkeys being slaughtered for human consumption. There will be no funding for U.S.D.A. inspectors to inspect horse slaughterhouses. With 80% of U.S. citizens opposing horse slaughter for human consumption this is good news. This portion of the bill is being applauded by activists and advocates who have worked so hard to bring about the end of horse slaughter on U.S. soil.

Unfortunately, the House Appropriations Committee has continued to fail to pass the provision, as it has for the last two years leaving the House and Senate divided on this issue. This means that the struggle to keep horse slaughter illegal in the U.S. continues. Wild horses and burros also remain in jeopardy. While the current law protects them, the bill that does so ends in September. And, there are those that are working to have the protection removed.

So how can you help ensure that the House continues to protect horses from slaughter?

Contact your members of Congress and ask them to support the provisions within this bill. To do this, you can fill out a simple form on the ASPCA Advocacy Alert Page or follow the instructions provided by Return to Freedom that provides phone numbers you can call and wording you can use.

Itís important to remember that these provisions are temporary, and could be excluded in the next budget. Be sure to mention in your correspondence your support of the SAFE Act or Safeguard American Food Exports which would not only end the slaughter of horses but also the transport of horses to other countries for slaughter.

There are many valid arguments for the reintroduction of horse slaughter. And certainly, there are those of us who feel that the repeal of the slaughter ban is a good thing. If this is the case, you too need to make your opinions known to your congress members.
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