Awards For Horses
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In many countries November is the month to mark Armistice, Remembrance or Memorial Day. No matter what itís called, itís a time to reflect on and honor those who sacrificed to maintain our freedom. Services and events are often attended by veterans in full dress uniform, heavy with medals. But not all heros attend this event even though they have medals of bravery of their own. Medals have also been awarded to honor horses who have exhibited a high degree of bravery in difficult situations.

Purina Hall of Fame
While you wonít find any war vets in the lists of animals that have been honored by Purina, you will find one horse amongst the recipients of this prestigious Canadian award. In 1978, Indian Red, a Morgan and American Quarter Horse cross became the only equine inductee in the Purina Animal Hall of Fameô. Indian Red saved a life when he attracted attention to a 77-year-old woman who had fallen into a snow-covered ditch while walking on a country road on a winter night.

PDSA Awards
The Peopleís Dispensary for Sick Animals has several awards given to brave animals around the world. PDSA Awards include a Commendation Award, Order of Merit, Gold Medal and the highly prestigious Dikin Medal. A PDSA Certificate for Animal Bravery or Devotion was recently awarded to a donkey named Dotty who saved a sheep from being mauled by a dog.

The Dikin Medal has been awarded five times to horses. The Dickin Medal is said to be the animal equivalent of the human Gold Cross. Three British Horses, members of Londonís Metropolitan Police Force, Regal, Olga and Upstart received their medal for their mounted unitís courage during the bombings of that city during World War 2. These horses were awarded as representatives of the entire force. The Canadian horse Warrior had already endured four years of combat when he led one of the last cavalry charges ever, an act of courage that earned him the medal. Most recently, Sergeant Reckless, who was a member of the United States Marine Corps was awarded the Dicken Medal for bravery during the Korean War.

Blue Cross Medal
The Blue Cross Charity in the U.K. awards a medal of bravery to both humans and animals. The Blue Cross was originally awarded to honor military horses in World War 1.

Purple Heart
Another medal earned by the Marine Corpsí Sergeant Reckless is the Purple Heart. In fact, she earned it twice. The Purple Heart is awarded in the name of the current President of the United States to those killed or wounded in service. It is not generally awarded to animals.

Presidential Unit Citations
Sergeant Reckless is the only horse to be awarded a Presidential Unit Citation as part of the unit that earned the citation in the Korean War. Reckless was also awarded a Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal and National Defence Service Medal, awarded to human recipients in service.

RSPCAís Purple Cross
Donkeys, not horses were used to rescue the wounded during the battle of Gallipoli. Murphy the donkey earned the Purple Cross for bravery under fire on behalf of all the donkeys who served. Murphy helped move the dying and wounded from the battlefield, stoically working with the battle exploding around them.
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In many countries November is the month to mark Armistice, Remembrance or Memorial Day. No matter what itís called, itís a time to reflect on and honor those who sacrificed to maintain our freedom. Services and events are often at ...
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