University of Minnesota Horse Hay App
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The most common way horse owners buy hay is by price per bale from a local farmer. But, we may or not be getting the most for our money by going this route. Hay is baled in a few different ways. It might be small square bales, large rounds or squares or even halage. So a better way to calculate the cost of hay is by the weight, which means calculating tonnage.

A small square bale, depending on the type of hay, the moisture content, the dimensions of the bale, and how tightly packed it is, can weigh anywhere from around 35 lbs to almost 70 lbs although they are supposed to weigh between 50 and 60 lbs. And if we’re paying say, $5 for a small square bale, we’re going to want the 60lb rather than the 40 lb bales. We certainly want out money’s worth. So how do you find out all you need to know, before ordering a large amount of hay?

Certain hay's in the right condition can support up to 100% of the nutritional diet for grazing animals to survive.

Hay apps can connect you to hay suppliers, inform you of where the supplier is located, what type of hay is being sold, how it is baled, how much it weighs, whether or not it will be delivered and how it’s being stored. It will even tell you how it is wrapped or bound.

Hay Prices per Ton Calculator, an app for iOS is designed for horse owners. The app will help you calculate how much hay you will need and connect you with hay supplies who provide information on bale size,and weight. Price comparisons are done by tonnage, not bale type. The one thing that app can not do is calculate quality of the hay. This can only be done by analysis. But buyers see what type of hay, such as grass or legume, they are buying and can be sure they get the best price.

Check out this Minnesota University Hay Prices per Ton Calculator on itunes.

University of Minnesota Horse Hay App

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