Explore Inside Your Horse With Equine 3D Anatomy App
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Explore Inside Your Horse With This 3D Horse Anatomy App

When we admire a horse we might not consider what lies beneath the stunning exterior. Mobile Apps, creators of the Real Bodywork apps have created an easy way to look inside a horse with a simple, but informative mobile and Windows app. Whether you are a student learning anatomy for veterinary sciences, chiropractics or massage therapy, or just want to under how your horse works, this app will help you explore the anatomy, from the basic parts, superficial muscles to internal organs and circulatory system. The functions of many of the parts are explained, depicted from several angles and in proximity to the neighboring structures or organs.

The app allows you to view the horse from all angles and zoom in for a close up view of muscle, bone or organ. You are able to explore through the layers and each structure is labeled, annotated and explained. And you’ll see the structures from various angles. If you’re wondering how to pronounce any of the labels, the app will read it to you.

The opening screen shows the points of the horse, with all the basic points labeled. Click on each point to hear the pronunciation and find out what is below the skin level. Swipe up or down to navigate between the five layers. Again, each label can be clicked so you can hear the correct pronunciation. Clicking on the Anatomical Planes link will take you to a graphic that depicts the various planes used in labeling the points such as distal, plantar caudal or dorsal. Swipe left or right to rotate the graphic. You can also pinch and spread on your screen or touchpad to zoom in and out. Click and drag outside of the actual image for a slow rotation.

There is a quiz function that gives multiple choice questions. If you wish to save any part of the quiz for review, you can favorite that question. If you wish to find any specific point there is a search function.

Use this app for study or to help you understand what your veterinarian is talking about when they examine your own horse. It’s a quick download, easy to use and will give you a real understanding of the anatomy of the horse from the surface skin, to the inner organs. The app costs $6.49 USD, is available for iOS, Android and Windows and you can try it out for free for 24 hours.

Get Equine 3D on the Apple App Store and Google Play for Android.

Explore Inside Your Horse With This 3D Horse Anatomy App

Explore Inside Your Horse With This 3D Horse Anatomy App

Explore Inside Your Horse With This 3D Horse Anatomy App

Explore Inside Your Horse With This 3D Horse Anatomy App
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