Capture Every Hoofbeat with Equilab Equestrian Tracking
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I never like to hear a text coming in on my phone very early in the morning, but lately, it’s been happening more often. The notifications are from my daughter and read: “You’re a safety contact for my next ride. Watch me on Equilab.” Included in the text message is a link, which can be followed on my phone or computer. The Equilab Equestrian app is made to track rides for both safety and to help build riding skills.

With Equilab tracking it’s possible to watch the progress of a horse and rider in real time, and see at what speed they are traveling. The maps can be viewed much like Google maps, either in satellite or map view. At the end of a session, a message is sent to the safety contacts that the session has ended.

Equilab Equestrian Tracking

On the rider’s device, the speed, duration, time spent at percentage of turns right or left, energy output of both horse and rider, time spent at each speed, and other information is stored. All the information is shareable so a coach can see exactly how much effort is put into each student’s ride. The app features messaging and information sharing between team-mates. And there is calendaring to plan rides and things like vet and farrier visits.

While this app is a great tool for ensuring someone knows where you are while you ride, it can also be used by coaches. When you’re done your ride, you can post the results to Instagram, Facebook or send by email. All aspects of your schooling session are there to share with your coach so your progress can be easily analyzed.

Equilab is available for both Android and Iphone. It requires no extra equipment other than keeping your phone on your person. You can use it with some smart watches or fitness bands. Currently, about four different devices are listed. It also integrates with Google Fit.

Equilab is free to download, but premium features are unlocked with a subscription. The safety notifications are considered a premium feature. There are three subscription options. A subscription by the month costs about $10USD, 6 months is about $50 and a full year is about $80. This seems a small price to pay for peace of mind and well worth making room on my phone for.

Get Equine 3D on the Apple App Store and Google Play for Android.

Equilab Equestrian Tracking

Equilab Equestrian Tracking

Equilab Equestrian Tracking

Equilab Equestrian Tracking
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