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As you explore Ponybox, you might notice that on many members’ walls there are lists of goals. Why bother setting goals? Because it doesn’t matter if you're involved with sports, volunteering, or a student or professional, goals motivate you to stay on track and provide a roadmap to success. Goals help you decide what to learn, what to act on, and a way to stay focused. So, even on Ponybox, goals can help you run a successful barn, develop winning horses and build relationships with others playing the game. Even if you don’t end up running a top stable or owning a top ranking horse, making and attaining your own set of goals can give you a lot of satisfaction. What goals could you set? Here is what some of the goals of successful Ponybox players look like.

Darkfall Wonderland is a barn with consistent top rankings, and is currently sitting at #2. Darkfall Wonderland’s goals are nicely laid out, with a satisfying ‘x’ after each one has been completed.

Darkfall Wonderland Goals

Scroll to the very bottom of Haylo’s wall to find a list of goals. Haylo’s Canadian Warmbloods are achievers, jumping in the high 90s, propelling the stable to tenth rank with 21,036,649 in winnings. Setting goals has worked well with several checked off as accomplished and more goals in the works!

Bucki Int is a top ranking barn and as of this writing is standing at #5 with 122,840,433 in winnings. Bucki Int consistently has top ranking horses and !B*I *Enchantment* Registered Horse Super Horse has had a rank of #1 with a Best Jump 93.75" resulting in winnings of 1,122,700. Past goals have included raise ten 93"+ jumpers and raise a 94"+ Jumper. Both goals and more have been accomplished.

Bucki Int Goals

Standing at 37th rank, Outback Barn has set a list of jumping goals for natural, super and itemed horses. Outback Barn specializes in several breeds from Clydesdales to the endangered Celtic Dwarfs. The Thoroughbreds in this barn are the jump stars however, with jumps in the mid-90s. These have helped put a checkmark beside a list of goals for jump heights.

TNT Pasos boasts some of the highest jumping Appaloosas and highest ranked Quarter Horse mares and stallions. TNT Pasos is a Top 100 ranking barn with 9,175,236 in winnings. The goal lists includes earning PBs, barn winnings, horse rankings, and creating natural jumpers.

Goals aren’t only posted on walls. Search the forum posts and you’ll find goal setting for items, winning streaks, jump heights, jumping itemed or un-itemed jumpers, Ponybucks, ranking streaks and much more. And not all goals are for competitions. Some people like to promote particular breeds, or colors. Some plan to change breeds, or focus on improving the bloodlines they have. Improving stables, individual horses, competition stats and bloodlines are the goals of most folks on Ponybox, but it helps to make goals specific and then, once you’ve attained those goals, make some more!
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PythonPonyPalaces   MOD 
Very well said!
It makes the game such fun when you set goals and achieve them!
I still do!
  Oct 13, 2019  •  225 views
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