The Dark Side of Australian Horse Racing
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After two years of investigation a report about the fate of Australia’s race horse population has been released by ABC-News In-Depth. The video, about 49 minutes in length, reveals what happens to horses after their time at the track is over. The video follows horses as they go through the slaughter pipeline. This video is very difficult to watch and begins with a warning that it is not ‘family viewing’.
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Valkyrie  MOD 
It's been proven that at least one of the horses mentioned in this video as killed is still alive. Also - the original rehomer of War End (a jockey who rode him while he raced) struggled to find him a reliable place to live. He was passed on through several hands long AFTER he left the track (and her hands) and despite one of those people promising her he wouldn't end up slaughtered he disappeared not long after. She didn't see him again until this video.

NSW horse racing regulations require owners to register a home for a retiring horse. From their official records only 1% of Thoroughbreds are listed as heading to slaughter directly from the racetrack. If any of the other 99% end up at slaughter (often YEARS down the track) it is not the fault of the racing industry. It is the fault of the equestrian(s) the horse has landed with.

Despite the fact that the industry is not liable for horses who have been out of their system for YEARS, racing in Australia has since pledged around $
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