Watch Out For The Kelpies
 By Winniefield Park   •   3rd Nov 2019   •   425 views   •   4 comments

Imagine the looks on everyone’s faces as you trotted into a jump off on your purebred Kelpie! What’s a Kelpie? A Kelpie is a shapeshifter, most often portrayed a horse, that inhabit Scottish lochs. They sometimes appear as a human, but might retain their hooves, which may tip you off if you encounter one in human form. Kelpies are rare, but exist in the Ponybox world in the equine incarnation and some are near the top of the stats, sitting well within the top twenty.

Featured Kelpie Mare MitM15s * Synnove

Featured Kelpie Mare
MitM15s * Synnove is a 100% Kelpie mare owned by Darkfall Wonderland. At 10 years old, Synnove has won 100 challenges and has 15/15/15/15 conformation. Her sire is 15th generation *BC Solaris and dam is seventeenth generation *BC Lunari. Both horses are owned by Method in Madness. She’s currently at a training level of 7/15 and is being co-trained.

Synnove’s highest jump was 98 inches. She constantly jumps over 80 inches in jump offs, with over 50 jump off wins, a best streak of 59 and has earned over 3,984,600.

A number of items have been used to maintain Synnove’s performance. Most significantly, diamond saddles have been used and leg wraps have kept her strength consistent throughout her career. A luck charm has been helpful too, providing a little luck in her competitions.

Synove’s pedigree traces back to the Generation 1 Paint, Morgan, Nokota, Pegasus and Ponybox Generation 2. She’s bred from and carries Depression Survivor DNA. She also carries fetlock feathers along with her Pegasus DNA, which perhaps explains her consistent high jump record.

Featured Kelpie Stallion MitM15s * Erembour

Featured Kelpie Stallion
MitM15s * Erembour owner is Darkfall Wonderland who has been with Ponybox since July 2018 and has four active barns, specializing in TBs, Kelpies and is campaigning amongst others for the top Kelpie. Erembour is a 14-year-old Kelpie stallion who has climbed to top 3 and has 7,930,300 in earnings. His top jump was 98” and has a 7,070 - 1,669 Win/loss jumpoff record. This horse too was born with perfect conformation which has increased to 15/15/15/15 conformation. With a DNA profile like his stablemate, Synnove, Erembour started his career with a lucky diamond shoe and his jumping career has been fueled by carrot juice.

Erembour holds several records including All-time Breed Win Streak, Non-retired World Record Breed Jump and Over 1 Million in Winnings. It looks like the Kelpies, which took a hit about a year ago, and are still rare, are back and ready to shape-shift their way over the high jumps and fly into the top ten.
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Fox Tail Forge n Farriery  MOD 
I think it's awesome that Nessie's horses are featured. She's really taken those Kelpies and helped them shine.
  Nov 3, 2019  •  438 views
Stonewall Quarters
*runs away from the kelpie*

Well done Nessie, well deserved you have done amazing with this breed!
  Nov 3, 2019  •  436 views
b a n r i g h   MOD 
The Kelps are a breed that just keeps on giving! They continue to improve and hopefully they will get more interest as a breed in the future. Bringing them back in July of 2018 was a birthday gift to myself and since then I have been the main breeders of these wonderful horses. Just today another one of the horses in their barn, Sibylline, improved to 98.75 and keeps on improving! Perhaps we shall see the first 99 Kelpie super soon!
Thanks so much for the wonderful feature on such a great breed!
  Nov 3, 2019  •  433 views
PythonPonyPalaces   MOD 
🥳 Big CONGRATS, Nessie! 🎉
You have done wonders with your Kelpies! They scare me! *Runs....
  Nov 11, 2019  •  372 views
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