Using the Henneke Horse Body Condition Scoring System
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There are a few different ways to assess a horse’s condition score. But the Henneke Body Condition score is the most well known. The Henneke Body Condition score is used to evaluate the healthy weight of a horse. The scale runs from 1 to 9, with 1 being dangerously emaciated, and nine being dangerously obese. Scores between 4 and 6 are considered ideal, depending on the horse. Assessing a horse requires both observing and feeling six areas of a horse’s body to determine how much fat lies beneath the skin.

The Henneke Body Condition score was created by Dr. Don Henneke at Texas A&M University it was first introduced in 1983, and has become a standard scale to assess equine body weight.

These assessments which may be second nature to very experienced horse owners, can be difficult for those of us with less experience. But, the ability to assess our horse’s weight is essential for keeping it in good health. But there is an app to help you out. The Equine Body Conditioning Scoring app developed by the University of Glasgow steps you through the process of accurately scoring your horse’s weight.

Equine Body Conditioning Scoring is a quick download through Google Play. There is no membership or subscription required. Once downloaded, it’s ready to use. The app is very plain looking. There are no videos, detailed images or music. But, the basic information is easy to access and understand. The first step will be to enter a horse’s name and age. There is an option to add a photo if you wish.

Once you have entered your horse’s basic information, follow the instructions, starting with the horse standing securely tied on an even surface. It then steps you through the assessment of the six areas on a horse’s body where it stores excess fat. It also describes how to determine whether you are feeling fat or muscle, and how coat length, age and muscle tone can affect the scores.

Each area is given a separate score, and these are averaged to give an overall score. The score is recorded within the app so you can compare it to the next time you do an assessment. That way you can build a record of your horse’s weight for comparison.

This app is intended for use every few weeks so you notice changes in your horse’s weight that you might miss as you look at it each day. The app can show you trends that might be useful to your vet if your horse becomes ill because often, if our horse begins to lose weight, we might not be able to pinpoint exactly when it began to happen.

Equine Body Condition Scoring is a free app from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Equine Body Conditioning Scoring

Equine Body Conditioning Scoring

Equine Body Conditioning Scoring
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