PonyBox Top Fives and Prospects
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Who has been at the coveted number one ranking recently? Here is a look at some of the horses that have reached the number one spot and a few that are poised to grab top spot very soon.

PonyBox Top Fives and Prospects

*X* Cloud Strife is a chestnut with-lots-of-chrome Thoroughbred stallion that is currently 12 years old. He has 4x15 conformation and his strength currently sits at 100% along with his loyalty. His best jump was 98.5” and he has career earnings of 3,712,100 PB. *X* Cloud Strife is by the stallion 15th generation sire Assassin's Creed. The steel grey Assassin's Creed is currently 42 years old,and reached the top two horse position. His best jump was 94 inches, and he has accrued 12 records. His dam is 24th generation Dusk and Her Grace, another 4x15 conformation horse. *X* Cloud Strife had been a top ten horse since he was ten years old.

PonyBox Top Fives and Prospects

Myths Are Risky is owned by The Colorblind Elite, a stable that regularly produces top performers. This horse sat at the number 1 position at age 13 and 14. Myths are Risky is by B*I Greek Myths, a chestnut stallion that has earned the number one rank. His dam is B*I Risky Antidote a mare that is 66 years old and has over 100 jumping wins. Myths Are Risky has been itemed with a Diamond Stirrup, Lucky Charm and Companion Dog.

The black Friesian stallion 3Pd *Romeo Eyes* also hit the number one spot. This twelve year old is by 13th generation 3Pxy *Romeo* out of the mare 3rd generation 3Py *Angel Eyes*. The stallion Romeo has also been in the number one spot while Angel Eyes reached 11th spot. Romeo Eyes’ best jump has been 94 inches with earnings of 779000 and 13 records. He catapulted to the top 5 at age 11. The stud fee for Romeo Eyes is 999,999PB.

Thoroughbred stallion B*I Wreck It Rudolf is by B*I Bloody Kisses and B*I Wreck It Rue. Rudolf is poised to take the number one spot with 12 records, a highest jump of 92.75 and earnings of 596,900. At age 11, this horse is sitting tight at the number 2 spot, beating out both of his parents in rankings.

PonyBox Top Fives and Prospects

Other notables to watch out for are Standardbred mare 3Py* A Star Is Born who currently sits at 3rd and takes the Best Win Streak. She is sired by 3Pxy *Living Legend a 10th generation stallion who reached the number 1 spot and has 2,033,300 in earnings. At 36 years old, Living Legend’s stud fee is 950,000

Meanwhile, RSS Placido is running a great Win Streak and jumps over 98 and winnings of 2,732,800. The dark chestnut mare is an 18th generation registered Thoroughbred and is out of 18th generation sire Hello Incanto.
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PonyBox Top Fives and Prospects
18th Jan 2020   |   Ponybox News   |   Winniefield Park
Who has been at the coveted number one ranking recently? Here is a look at some of the horses that have reached the number one spot and a few that are poised to grab top spot very soon. ...
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