The Pedigree of 3Pd Armoury Delight Goes Back 9 Years
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Are good horses born or made? In the Ponybox world, a lot of work goes into developing a top ranking horse. How long can it take? Here’s a look at the pedigree of top horse 3Pd Armoury Delight going back to 2011.

The Pedigree of 3Pd Armoury Delight
3Pd Armoury Delight

3Pd Armoury Delight is 22 years old at the time of this wrticle, and holds a top spot in the rankings. Bred by top breeder PythonPonyPalaces STANDBR stable, Armoury Delight is a Standardbred stallion bred from artificial DNA and has lineage back to the Morgan, Paint, Nokata, Pegasus Ponybox servers. He also carries DNA that boosts speed, jumping ability and overall performance. The stallion only carries three items; Speed DNA, Companion Dog and Lucky Charm. His best jump is 92.25" and has earned 816,400 PB in total. Most remarkable is his 590 - 0 win streak.

3Pd Armoury Delight is by the stallion 3Pd *Armour All*. This stallion reached a rank of three and had a best jump of 92”. He has earned 790,500 PB and has 13 records. His jump record is 714 - 149 and his best streak is 556. This stallion carries 8 items and is fed carrot juice. Armoury Delight has sired other top horses including 3Pd *Armour Crow* and 3Pd *Armour Legend*.

3Pd *Armour All* is sired by 3Py *Under Armour*. Under Armour retired just after the beginning of 2020. He reached a best rank of 13 and has 604,600 PB in earnings. He had a best jump of 90” and best win streak of 459. Under Armour carried 4 items and was bred artificially from DNA. He also carries Superhorse DNA. He was trained to level 14 and retired with 604,600 PB. This stallion also sired top ranking horses 3Py *Underdog*, 3P Under Bet, 3Pxy *Over Armour*, and 3Pd *Armour All*.

3Py *Under Armour* was sired by 3Pxy *Undercover* a purebred Friesian. Undercover, now retired, earned 4,121,500 PB and attained Best Rank 1 and Best Jump of 97.75". His jumpoff ratio was 2,302 - 189 with a win streak of 386. His conformation score was 60, and he had a best jump of 97.75”. Undercover carried 10 items. He sired several other notable horses including 3P^ A Secret Life and 3Pxy *Under Fire.

3Pxy *Undercover* is by Friesian stallion 3Pxy Hurricane Cop. This stallion earned 5,056,000, reached a rank of 4 and had a highest jump of 97.5”. Hurricane Cop earned 5,056,000 PB winnings. His Win Lose stats were 4,993 - 1,247. BC *Hurly-Burly*, 3Pxy Hurricane Magi, and +EF Hurricane Rain.

3Pxy Hurricane Cop is by the stallion Copernicus, a Friesian stallion. Copernicus was by a No Name horse who was sired by JC Fahrhem, who was sired by JC Faerieking back in 2017. Faerieking was by 3P* Viking Out a horse who reached a top 2 ranking. Viking Out traces his lineage through Thoroughbred stallions 3Pc Viking Size ll, AOS Viking Chant, SC Viking, SC War At Sea, SC War Dog, Twentynine Palms and The Crucible bred by Valkyrie stable back in 2014. The Crucible was sired by Semper Fidelis, who was sired by Devil Dog back in 2013. Devil Dog was bred by Blind Infernal and was sired by Anibal. Anibal was sired by 2nd generation *Spotted Dancer way back in 2011, and this is where the pedigree trail gets cold.

*Spotted Dancer
*Spotted Dancer

It appears back in 2011 *Spotted Dancer was sired by an unknown that started it all and bred by still active barn Blind Infernal.
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PythonPonyPalaces COMP   
Thank-you Winniefield Park for this amazing and informative article and all your work researching the bloodlines!!
It is amazing to see all the great lines that went into making this horse a champion!
  Apr 13, 2020  •  2,397 views
Python is a fabulous breeder congrats python =)
  Apr 13, 2020  •  2,395 views
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