Record Breaking Friesian Earnings
 By Winniefield Park   •   13th Sep 2020   •   168 views   •   1 comments
A new PonyBox record has fallen with an offspring out-earning their sire. And a new horse sits in the top PonyBox spot.

3P *Keypal Pepper*
3P *Keypal Pepper*

3P *Keypal Pepper* is currently the top ranked PonyBox horse. This 12 year old 16.1 hand Friesian stallion is out of PYTHON stables, being both owned and bred by PythonPonyPalaces. He sits at training level 9 and his strength remains at 100%. His Win-Lose record is an impressive undefeated 515-0. Keypal Pepper has earned just shy of 800,000 PB in his career.

3Pd *My Keypal*
3Pd *My Keypal*

Keypal Pepper is out of the 2nd generation Friesian stallion 3Pd *My Keypal*. His dam is 16th generation mare 3Pd *Little Pepper* who attained a top 2 rank with 895,700 PB in earnings. Bred by Pepper Tree Thoroughbreds, Little Pepper has a best streak of 606 and best jump of 94.5”. This mare’s pedigree traces back to DF Soliloquy, a #1 ranked Thoroughbred stallion with 4,191,500 PB in winnings. Also in her pedigree is #1 ranked DF Volkhv bearing the agni brand.

New Winnings Record


A new winnings record has been broken by *Objection. Bred and owned by top ranked barn Ebony Vlaamps, Objection earned #1 top rank, has a highest jump of 100.75” and has earned 21,838,735 PB, beating out the previous record by 1,629,035 PB. Objection’s Win-Lose record is a remarkable 15,093-1,552. Objection’s sire is 21st generation * Ebony Curse, whose achievements match his daughter’s. He was a #1 ranked horse, and sat as the top winnings earner for quite some time. His best jump was 101.75”. 22nd generation Objection traces back to many top ranking horses on both the dam and sire side. Her mother, 3rd generation * Arya attained a best rank of 3 and has earned 4,223,200 PB at 14 years old. Arya has foaled several successful offspring including PC Cookie, PC Twister and * Cursed Irruption.

* Ebony Curse
* Ebony Curse

PC Cookie
PC Cookie

PC Twister
PC Twister
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The Vlaamps were a fantastic project. Iv sadly sold them on this week but what a great herd they was for me. Thanks for the mentions and congrats to python too and her awesome black beauty's.
  42 days ago  •  176 views
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