One Week and Four PonyBox Champions
 By Winniefield Park   •   6th Dec 2020   •   214 views   •   0 comments
Over 7 days, 4 horses reached the #1 Rank on PonyBox. Some held on longer than others, and some are still going strong.

3P *My Glory Force*
3P *My Glory Force*

3P *My Glory Force* climbed to the top of the ranks and held on for several days. This 14hh Freisian stallion had a best jump of 96.75" and a win streak of 541 with an amazing win-loss of 584-4. His sire is 22nd generation *Returning Force* and his dam is #1 ranked 12th generation 3P *My Glory Bell* who earned 825,100 PB and had a jumpoff win-lose record of 548-4. My Glory Force has been itemed with Fetlock Feathers, Companion Dog, Lucky Charm, Diamond Stirrup and has Fearless DNA. He carries the PythonPonyPalaces brand, a #2 ranked barn and top breeder of Friesians.

B*I Showing Off
B*I Showing Off

B*I Showing Off gained the #1 spot with a win-lose record of 566-18, resulting in 829,100 PB in earnings. Owned by Bucki International, Showing Off is a 3rd Generation Thoroughbred stallion. He’s by #1 ranked stallion MVC Space Oddity out of The Colourblind Elite stable. The first generation in his pedigree is #1 ranked Traumbrecher. His dam is 21st generation Shonan Bach who’s pedigree traces back to many well-ranked horses. Powered by Fetlock Feathers and a Lucky Charm, Showing Off has a jump record of 96.75".

! Demonic Love
! Demonic Love

! Demonic Love stepped up into the #1 spot with a jump record of 3,789 - 406 and best streak of 505. Demonic Love is a 16.1hh Thoroughbred mare. She’s by 14th generation stallion ! The Exorcist and mare ! Dynamite Love. Her best jump was 102.5". She quickly increased her jump records, leading owner Bucki International to note, “She went boom up to 101.75”... And just like that, she’s out done both her mother and father, 102.5”!

• SBS Aedion
• SBS Aedion

• SBS Aedion rounded out the 7 days with a #1 ranking and best jump of 102". So far his winnings are at 1,254,450 PB with a 856-233 win - lose record. He is by Tohar, a 20th generation Quarter Horse. His dam is • SBS Vitalism, a 14th generation mare. All are owned by StarBey Quarter Horses. He is itemed with Diamond Saddles, Saddle Bags, Lucky Charms and Diamond Horseshoe. He also carries Speed and Fetlock Feathers DNA. His stable is a top breeder of Quarter Horses who has been running the StarBey stud since 2014.
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