RIP Blue Hors MatinÚ
 By Acorn Acres   •   29th Jan 2010   •   29,971 views   •   15 comments
Blue Hors MatinÚWell known dressage sensation, Blue Hors MatinÚ was put to sleep this Monday after suffering from a broken leg.

On the 25th of January, MatinÚ had been turned out with her pasture mate Blue Hors Cavan, for just a few hours, as per usual. It was discovered by a passer-by that there was something "seriously wrong" with MatinÚ, who went ahead to inform staff of Blue Hors stud.

After a vet's inspection, it was immediately found that the mare had surely broken her off fore at the knee and there was nothing that could be done to save her.

After her highly applauded freestyle in Aachen at the World Equestrian Games 2006, MatinÚ battled to stay fit and sound following an incident unloading from a van in April 2007. The mare suffered a tendon injury at the World Cup location in Nevada. Less than six months ago, the decision was announced for MatinÚ to retire and become a broodmare at the Blue Hors Stud in Randb°l, Denmark.

Last August, staff at Blue Hors Stud stated that MatinÚ was to be given time to just be a horse before she was to be put into foal the coming season.

The Danish Warmblood mare by Blue Hors Silver Moon x Matador, was bred by Inger B. Katballe and it is with disappointment that MatinÚ was fare-welled before having the chance to produce great progeny. She was en excellent prospect for Blue Hors stud and a successful career in breeding could have been witnessed.

Although MatinÚ's career was not long-lived, it was highly successful. The WEG 2006 test with Andreas Helgstrand has gained over 9 million hits on YouTube and become a highly celebrated performance and extensively viewed video over the internet.

In the World Cup, Helgstrand and MatinÚ won the championship first Grand Prix. They also earned silver in the Grand Prix Kur and bronze in the Grand Prix Special.

Tragically, Andreas Helgstrand and those of Blue Hors stud have had to farewell the sensational dancing mare. "All staff at Blue Hors is very sad about the tragic loss."

Rest in Peace Blue Hors MatinÚ.
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Esmeralda Elites  
Great article. I don't keep up with the English side of the world, just the Western, so I've never heard of the horse. I have heard of horses getting a fake leg like humans can, so I would have thought they would fix her leg. She still could have been bred. Oh well, she sounded like a great horse. :)
  Jan 29, 2010  •  18,757 views
RoansRock Ranch  
I cant beleave she died she was so amazing! R.I.P
  Jan 29, 2010  •  18,796 views
Andreas helgstrand and Blue Horse Matine are one of my favourite pairs. RIP Matine. We all love you
  Jan 29, 2010  •  18,740 views
Starlight Stbls  
I remember when i watched her performance. It was absolutely breath taking!! I still think they should've won. What a horrible way to go :(
  Jan 29, 2010  •  18,762 views
MagnumFire RIP Blue
  Jan 29, 2010  •  18,771 views
CDS Horses  
She was an absolutely amazing mare, and it's a shame her legacy hasn't been managed to be carried on. One of my favourite dressage stars. R.I.P. I feel for those who rode, cared for and knew her.
  Jan 29, 2010  •  18,857 views
such a tragic loss forever though she will remain in our hearts and may she rest easy and enjoy being "just a horse" up there, we will all wait to join her in celebration. R.I.P Blue Hors Matine.forever we will miss you, you will never be forgotten..=(
  Jan 29, 2010  •  18,744 views
I wish she did not have to die! SAD!!! Well, I can see she was great!
  Jan 30, 2010  •  18,737 views
did she have the baby or no it could be just as good as the mother.
  Jan 30, 2010  •  18,780 views
Acorn Acres  
Sundstrom - From what I've gathered from various sites around the internet, she was not yet in foal. As she was retired in August, they were letting her be for awhile before she was to be put into foal in the spring. This is what I have heard anyway.
  Jan 31, 2010  •  18,851 views
Acorn Acres  
Fox sporthorses - Her leg was broken in a rather difficult place. Humanely, it was best to put her to sleep. A false leg means an unatural gait which leads to even more issues down the track, as well as a poor quality of life due to more limited use and the obvious stiffness and/or pain that would develop. Though it would be lovely to get that foal from her, it's really just us selfish humans that would benefit. :P
  Jan 31, 2010  •  18,851 views
That mare was insane. I am very sad to see her go. She truly danced when she moved.
  Jan 31, 2010  •  18,831 views
That is so sad. I love that horse!!! WAAA!!!!
  Jan 31, 2010  •  18,762 views
feel so sad she ws a true beauty
  Mar 12, 2010  •  18,771 views
Cruisin Past Curfew  
Aww, she is a beautiful horse. R.I.P!
  Apr 3, 2012  •  18,734 views
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