PonyBox Top Earning Barns April 2021
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Itís been awhile since we looked at which stables are the top earners on PonyBox. And, since the last update in September of 2020, the highest earning barns have changed a little.

KE Electrocardio
KE Electrocardio

Back in September 2020, the highest earning barn was b a n r i g h. Banrigh is still within the top five stables, but has slipped to the 5th spot. Kaylied Estal has taken over the #1 position with earnings of 661,563,432 PB. This barn has been around since September 2008 and currently has 3 stallions at stud. KE Electrocardio is a 14.3 hand Fell Pony that at the age of 24 has 57,600 PB in earnings and jumped 90.25 inches. The 14.2hh Fell stallion KE Engaged has earned 137,200 PB with a 92.75" jump. And, KE Datura Innoxia, grandson of the #2 ranked stallion, 20th generation * Wearze, has earned 242,400 PB.

*PT Bad To The Bone
*PT Bad To The Bone

The second highest earning stable as we leave the month of April behind is Pepper Tree Thoroughbreds, a stable that has been running since September 2007. With 630,823,876 PB in winnings, this stable has had some very successful horses. *PT Bad To The Bone earned 10,889,600 PB and ranked #1 with a best jump of 102.5". * PT Orbiting Addy isnít far behind with a 102.25" jump and 9,081,100 PB in winnings. *PT Mumma Bear is the high jumper of the stable clearing 102.75" before her retirement.

* Tyst
* Tyst

The number 3 top earning stable is BMC General Store, which has been around since June of 2014, has an undisclosed earnings figure, somewhere between 630,823,876 and 98,823,439 PB. Currently breeding and campaigning Moyles, BMC General Storeís GS Magic Arrows jumped 103.5" with 14,201,595 PB in winnings. Highest earning horse for this stable is the 16.3 hand Thoroughbred stallion * Tyst with 31,857,800 PB in winnings.

And holding on to a top five in earnings is RavenSide Stud TBS with 498,823,339 PB, at the 4th position followed closely by b a n r i g h.

KE Datura Innoxia
KE Datura Innoxia

* Wearze
* Wearze

* PT Orbiting Addy
* PT Orbiting Addy

GS Magic Arrows
GS Magic Arrows
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