PonyBox Top 12 Horses That Reached Top Rank
 By Winniefield Park   •   16th May 2021   •   148 views   •   0 comments
Of the top 12 horses, 5 have occupied the #1 rank as we headed into the first work week of May.

GS Lady Famine
GS Lady Famine

GS Lady Famine is a Moyle mare is out of the BMC General Store stable. At the age of 16, this 16.3 hand mare by the stallion GS Cursed Famine out the mare GS Chaotic Lady had a best jump of 103.5" tying GS Magic Arrows for the highest jump record. She earned 8,520,700 PB and her jumpoff record is 5,334 - 547. She’s still in PrimeTime according to her X-ray at age sixteen. She’s been itemed with multiple Diamond Saddles, a Saddle Bag, Lucky Charm and a Double Play.

* Zaflora
* Zaflora

* Zaflora hit the #1 spot and at age 19 sat at #2. The 15.3 hand The Colourblind Elite Friesian mare had a best jump of 102.5" and a 3,779 - 129 jumpoff record with a best streak of 585. Her earnings sat at 5,902,300 PB. Her dam is #1 ranked mare * Inferno who during her career jumped 102.5". Her sister is the high earning mare * Paparazzi.

3P *Grin & Wyn*
3P *Grin & Wyn*

3P *Grin & Wyn* sits at #3 at age 14 years old, but hit the top spot and cleared 95.75". Her dam is the #1 ranked mare * Addfwyn who cleared 103.5" and earned 52,406,100 PB. Grin and Wyn has earned 566,400 PB for Ebony Friesians, and had a jumpoff record of 307 - 0. She has a number of items such as Diamond Saddle, Companion Dog and Diamond Horseshoe.

! Guardian Angel
! Guardian Angel

! Guardian Angel out of the Fifty Shades of Jade stable is another mare that has hit the #1 rank recently. She has earned 6,641,300 PB and cleared 103” and had a jumpoff record of 4,328 - 174. Guardian Angel is out of #2 ranked mare ! Shallow Grave and stallion ! Fleuve. She’s still in Prime Time say her X-ray, and with her strength still at 100% she’ll increase her earnings before retirement.

! Extravert
! Extravert

! Extravert hit the #1 spot and at age 18 had earned 8,069,700 PB. This Thoroughbred stallion is out of the Bucki International stable and bred by the The Colourblind Elite. His best jump was 102.75" with a 5,219 - 372 jumpoff record. His main item has been Diamond Saddles. His sire is B*I Showing Off, who has a string of #1 horses in his pedigree, and his dam is 31st generation Escaping Austria.

GS Cursed Famine
GS Cursed Famine

! Shallow Grave
! Shallow Grave

Escaping Austria
Escaping Austria
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