Truth On Logears - Are They Stubborn
 By Eire   •   4th Mar 2010   •   3,221 views   •   5 comments
Over time the Horse has won hearts and the donkey has won humor. Donkeys or Longears are usally connected with words like "stubborn","untrainable" and "foxy", but now people are realising what the donkey really is.

When asked about donkeys, many people scratch their heads and try to remember. Donkeys are Equines -- just like Horses, Onagers, Asses, Zebras and Hybrids (Mules, Zorses...). They have there own breeds likie Mammoth, Minature and Poutiou. They have hooves, manes, tails, ears and almost everything a horse has. But there is a reason donkeys aren't under the "horse" category.

Donkeys are known by many as stupid animals. These people are untilted to their opinion, but donkeys are actually smarter then horses. Some might say "If they are smarter, why are they known as stubborn?". The awnser to this is simply donkeys make connections.

Donkeys will make the connection between good or bad, based on the training method. If they are hit with the whip, hurt, or anything else they do not like, they will make the connection whip = bad = training. This is why they are known as stubborn. The next training session, the donkey will spook, run, kick and squeal as he trys to end the session.

LogearSo far donkeys sound unapeeling, right? One reason people put up with donkeys is because of their attitude. They are like miniature horses - the word revolves around them. Another reason is because what a hard worker they are. Donkeys can still pull carts, jump, ride, halter, whatever a horse, so can a donkey. One very important use of donkeys is helping to hoist people out of depression. With a Hee Haw, a donkey can cure depression and other mental illnesses just by being itself.

Donkeys are in famous places too, they just don't get credit. Donkeys have been with great race horses to calm them down. I don't remember hearing about them, or hearing them get credit.

Donkeys are also in Religion. It is said Jesus gave the donkey his cross.

Now what is your opinion of the charector in "Old McDonald had a farm, eee, i, ee, i, oh and on the farm he had a donkey, ee i, ee, i oh. With a hee haw here and a hee haw there, Old McDonald had a farm, ee i, ee i, o!"?
Truth On Logears - Are They Stubborn
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Pagan Polo  
what a cute picture :D
  Mar 4, 2010  •  2,025 views
Pagan Polo  
I think donkeys sound cute and are misunderstood : )
  Mar 4, 2010  •  2,152 views
North Falls  
Thats really cool! I think people need to hear this!
  Mar 5, 2010  •  2,098 views
We have 6 Donkeys.And yes they are very smart.I love them.
  Mar 5, 2010  •  2,066 views
Donkeysare very smart and why don't they ever get credit?
  Mar 6, 2010  •  2,127 views
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