Adopting a Rescue Horse - The Road to Recovery
 By Bright Horizon   •   17th Mar 2010   •   3,579 views   •   3 comments
Adopting a rescue horse is a wonderful, noble thing to do, but a rescue's road to recovery is not always easy. Before taking in a rescue horse, prepare yourself. You will need more resources for a rescue than for a regular horse. This horse will need more food, training, and the like than the every-day-run-of-the-mill horse. A rescue horse will also cost more money. Your new horse will need your love, energy, care, and time. It will be a long journey for both of you, but, in the end, you will have saved one more horse's life.

Next, if you are not an absolute professional with equines, then it will be necessary to have one help you. A rescue will most likely have bad habits and fears that you'll have to cure, and someone with more experience than you can help you and your horse to things right.

Then, begin looking for a rescue. Non-profit organizations and rescue ranches are good places to go horse searching for. It is best that you do not go tramping into someone's field, taking their neglected horse, and transporting it to your barn. Most likely you'll end up with a lawsuit and no rescue horse.

When you are choosing your horse, be careful to find one that suits you. A wild, terribly-treated, hot-head stallion may not be the kind of horse you can handle. You may be better suited to the half-started child's pony or the chestnut mare who just needs a new home.

Once you’ve brought him/her home, it will be a good idea to just let him settle in for awhile. This will help your equine to learn to trust you, and it will give the horse time to adjust to their new surroundings.

Horse Rescue

After they’ve had a period of rest, it’s time to start riding, if possible. However, some rescues will never be able to be ridden again, and it is vital that you do not ride them if this is true. If you can ride your rescue, then give your horse expert a call. This professional will help you both to fit each others needs. For example, some horses may need to be ridden with light hands. You may not pick up on this but someone else might notice it. I warn you, it may be difficult in the beginning!

Don't get discouraged in your equine’s road to recovery, though. What you are doing by adopting this rescue horse is a very grand thing indeed.

Good luck, and happy trails!
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thats how i got my horse ... he had an injury on his foot. we went through the road of recovery and now where jumping 24' X
  Mar 17, 2010  •  2,046 views
Don't forget to mention how vital vet and farrier involvement can be. As for picking a horse carefully, I lucked out-my parents got me a rescue as a complete surprise, and it jsut so happened we get along quite well. Usually xD
  Mar 17, 2010  •  2,133 views
Little Bitty Farm  
Great article!
  May 9, 2011  •  2,058 views
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