Help Im Being Bullied What Do I Do
 By Barbwire Stables   •   31st Mar 2010   •   6,233 views   •   9 comments
Cyber BullyHELP IM BEING BULLIED! What do I do? Are you a Bully?

ďA bully doesnít have to be eye to eye to bully someone. Sometimes he or she gets into cyberspace, and then thereís no place to hide from their torment.Ē
Debbie Johnston

How many times have we heard this one? How many times have yourself been bullied? What do you do in this situation? How do you help somebody who is being bullied?

There are all kinds of bullying from doing it in person, getting a group of your friends to join in, cyber bullying and so much more! Have you or someone you know ever been targeted by a group of kids or just by one person because you or your friend was different?

Did you know that girls are twice as likely to be bullied compared to boys? Did you also know that itís against the law to cyber bully somebody and you can get in trouble in real life? Your information is given when you set up email accounts and when you sign up for games or other sites. You are traceable and the police can get the information on where you really do live.

What is cyber bullying? Nancy Willard, Director of Center for Safe and Responsible Internet Use defines cyber bullying as "using the internet or other mobile devices to send or post harmful or cruel text or images to bully others." In this new online era it is a serious issue and one that can have devastating ramifications. How many times have you seen this on the forums? How many times in the private messages? Did you realize that some of the things that you may be doing to others is considered bullying? Did you ever stop to think and ask yourself how am I making this person feel when I do these things?
Itís time to stop the cyber bullying of people itís time to watch how you treat others and how they treat you.

If you feel like you are being bullied what should you do?

1. Well if you are on a web site such as ponybox for example you need to contact either a moderator or the administration. Some feel as if moderators are here only to make your life miserable but in truth we are here to protect and make sure that everyone is being treated fairly and that things are not taken very far.

2. Stop responding to the offending person. By showing your emotions you give them what they are after you are showing them that it bothers you and they will do it even more. The more you react the worse itís going to get.

3. If itís in school. TELL SOMEBODY. You need to tell a teacher, a guidance counselor, the principle, etc.. It doesnít matter tell an adult so you can start to get the help you need.

4. TELL YOUR PARENTS! Donít hide from your parents if nobody knows what is going on then nobody can stop it from happening!

5. Do not erase the messages or pictures. Save these as evidence

6. If you are getting threatened with violence, stalking, hate crimes, etc.. Then you need to contact the local police department.

7. To learn some great tips that you can do to either stop it from you or a friend then you need to go here.

ďIn studies of middle and high school students, (Fight Crime: Invest in Kids, 2006 Kowalski et al., 2005 Wolak, Mitchell, & Finkelhor, 2006) the most common way that children and youth reported being cyber bullied was through instant messaging. Somewhat less common ways involved the use of chat rooms, emails, and messages posted on Web sites. A study of younger children (Fight Crime: Invest in Kids, 2006) showed that they were most often bullied through email, comments on a Web site, or in a chat room.Ē Taken from

Itís time to stop the harassment that is becoming a bigger part of so many kidsí lives. Itís time to stop and look at yourself and say I am not alone, I will put a stop to it and I will not let others bring me down. Itís time to take a stand and to let everyone know that you will not stand for them to bully others Its time to let those that bully know that it is not the ďcoolĒ thing to do and that it can lead others down a very lonely and narrow path that can lead to worse things. Many kids commit suicide every year because of those that bully. Itís time to take a stand and put an end to it all! It starts with you!

Itís time for everyone to sign the Megan Pledge. The pledge commits the person, individually, to take a stand against cyber bullying, to offer support to those being cyber bullied and to report it whenever they find it.

The Megan Pledge can be found at this link..

Want to learn more?
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Megliss Equine  
Great One! When I logged In, I Saw that 'Megan Pledge' Photo! My name is Megan and I thought that I have done something wrong Lol =D Great Post, Well Done!
  Apr 1, 2010  •  3,598 views
Happy Stables  MOD 
This is a great article and one that we all should read. Very good! Thanks Barbwire!
  Apr 1, 2010  •  3,611 views
LCM London Girl Merger  MOD 
Fantastic..I hope that many on here read it and take on board what is there... fantastic article
  Apr 1, 2010  •  3,710 views
what happend to megan??????????????
  Apr 1, 2010  •  3,595 views
Aother thing to do is to go to to talk to young people if you dont wnt to tell an adult yet. The cybermentors have been trained and can help you with any bullying problems.
  Apr 1, 2010  •  3,604 views
Lindsey Olson  
GREAT article. I hope that it will help people who get cyber bullied try to stop it. Thanks for writing the article!
  Apr 1, 2010  •  3,614 views
Falling Up  
Great! Just so you guys know, shes right! If you "tattle" so what? If people call you a "tattle tail" who cares? Its for your saftey, and likely it will stop the bully.
  Apr 1, 2010  •  3,591 views
what i do is pray to God i dont need no stupid person or kid i dont even know........but i like the stand up for yourself prart and to not be afriad to "tattle"
  Apr 2, 2010  •  3,592 views
Little Bitty Farm  
Great article!
  May 9, 2011  •  3,608 views
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