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If you have never heard of Rollkur it's also known as hyper-flexion it's where constant pressure of the hands to the bridle forces the horse into a complete flexion to build muscle.

This has been proved to
-Cause a growth of bone over the horses eye
-Cause brain damage to horses
-Cause spinal injury too

So why do famous dressage riders like Anky and others still do this to their horses? True it gives you complete control, but it's NOT natural and has been shown to actually make their piaffes different from the correct piaffe. Dressage is an amazing discipline but just like anything else with animals, sometimes we lose sight of what's really important when it gets competitive.

It has finally been ruled out by the National Dressage Association but some still do it. Some just don't know what it does others prefer to use it to get that muscle mass in their neck. I'm not condemning those who do it or anything like that, but a lot of folks don't know about this.

Buckskin horse- in proper dressage position
Proper Dressage Position

Chesnut horse- in rollkur

Still confused about what Rollkur actually is? I encourage you to go on You Tube to check it out for yourself, they have many educational videos on it for a better understanding.

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happy day  
whats up with the horses feet weird
  Mar 26, 2010  •  4,830 views
Wow. Very interesting! You're right, the chestnut horse does look unnatural and actually pretty uncomfortable. Great article!
  Mar 26, 2010  •  4,888 views
Dead Moon  
Great artical. I hate it when people curve the neck like that, its not beautiful in my eyes, its painful. Personaly I think the reason the horse dose what the trainer says when in that is to really have the freedom of his/her neck. They've learned that if they do what the trainer says, after they will have thier freedom of their neck back. Ugh, I dislike it, in all ways its truely wrong.
  Mar 26, 2010  •  4,915 views
Beeswax Crusade  
I don't see how the animal could move in that position, it looks very painful. And you can see it in the chestnut horse's eyes that he hates it...
  Mar 26, 2010  •  4,838 views
the chestnut looks like it is in alot of pain or woried it does not look content
  Mar 26, 2010  •  4,861 views
YUCK! I think horses should hold their head natural and if you want it slightly bent it is okay, but not touching the chest! OH MY! I am going to educate myself more on this. Thank you!
  Mar 27, 2010  •  4,824 views
i hate it. but i dont get it is it the same as a horse on the bit?? cause in the video it said she was the queen of the cur but her horse wasnt doing it? his head had a vertical line. someone please explain!!.....
  Mar 27, 2010  •  4,819 views
Bright Horizon  
VERY incorrect! (Not the article, Rollkur) This article is 100% right! No one should EVER put their horsein Rollkur. Such an incorrect position is dangerous and cruel. Makes me dislike Anky Von Grusven :)
  Mar 27, 2010  •  4,846 views
half-broke: the commentator meant the 'Kur', whihc is the event of dressage to music, nothing to do with 'rollkur'...confusing I know...
  Mar 27, 2010  •  4,895 views
Acorn Acres  
Rollkur is evil! The FEI are planning to make some sort of action towards alleviating it, I can't say exactly what they're planning to do and to which levels. The Bucksin horse is lovely! :D And he looks so happy too. (:
  Mar 27, 2010  •  4,925 views
Fira Maye  
Auh! That is terribly wrong to do. How cruel and self-centered do you have to be to do something like that to an animal like a horse?
  Mar 27, 2010  •  4,905 views
Grr. I hate it when people have their horses heads like that. Or even when they have their horses flex past the vertical and have their noses on their chest on a loose rein. Here's one thing though it's illegal with the USDF, but is it illegal with the FEI? Because the FEI is what people like Anky show in, not the USDF.
  Mar 28, 2010  •  4,921 views
I agree with you on most of this, but I do not believe that that buckskin has correct neck position for dressage.
  Mar 28, 2010  •  4,856 views
I agree with MegAndGim. You are correct that dressage riders do do this for control. But they have to do it as the horses are taught that way and this gives a signel for some moves. I am certain that the buckskin has not got the proper position. It is only axceptable for lower levels. Horses should go in a outline in big competitions. I should know. For those who do not know what a outline is, it is when a horse puts its head in. No, not all the way to the chest but a little in. If you look at my pics you will see what I mean. This is when it is in between. This is the step forward. A horse sticking its head out like the buckskin looks Lazy and so unprofessional and the horse with its head to the chest makes it look strong which it maybe is not. Hope you agree.
  Mar 28, 2010  •  4,842 views
I STRONGLY agree. It must be terribly painful to have you neck pulled down like that. I am SO thankful that I can around to this artical.
  Mar 28, 2010  •  4,852 views
bambam roxs  
agree!same thing with draw reins they are treibble
  Mar 28, 2010  •  4,822 views
Harmony Farm  
Holls- Sorry about that after posted the article I realized the incorrectness of the headset!
  Mar 28, 2010  •  4,879 views
Harmony Farm  
Halfbrokehorses- Well Rollkur is used to build up their horses neck muscles so that the horse can be in the required frame constantly... but rollkur actually messes with the way the horse carries it's head because their neck is so built up and their muscles have so much pressure on the that they don't move with the beautiful, natural movement of the original dressage. *By The Way* Rollkur was ruled out by the Dressage Association after an Olympic medalist had his horse in the Rollkur position for an extended amount of time until the horses was frothing at the mouth profusely and it's tongue was blue (they caught it on video)
  Mar 28, 2010  •  4,879 views
Polo the Weirdo  MOD 
Brilliant article! :D But geez... How can people do that to their horses? Especially a horse talented enough to compete in such high grade dressage! Is that their reward for giving their all to their rider? It's sick.
  Mar 31, 2010  •  4,807 views
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