Mystery Horse Breed Named Here
 By PonyBox   •   28th Mar 2010   •   6,226 views   •   48 comments
In a contest we ran yesterday we were giving away a free breeding pair of the last four new breeds we released to anyone that could guess the breed of the horse below.I'm a little disappointed nobody guessed the breed of this horse. I guess we can blame it on the art, but I actually thought it looked pretty close.

Celtic Warmblood

Celtic Warmblood

Hmmm, sorry guys, I guess this is our first contest without a winner. This breed will be available later this week on the site.

By the way, what breeds do you all want next on Ponybox?

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Wanderin Boy Memorial  
I've never heard of that breed. I'd like to see breeds that aren't on the legacy servers. I always did like Anglo-Arabs.
  Mar 28, 2010  •  1,695 views
new sports!!! But I love the horse!
  Mar 28, 2010  •  1,706 views
bambam roxs  
1flea bitten arabian.2chesnut arabian3 palominos any of these
  Mar 28, 2010  •  1,711 views
I think their should be Arabians,Halflingers and other real life breeds..:)
  Mar 28, 2010  •  1,700 views
Wow. I would have never guessed a Celtic Warmblood, mainly because I've never even heard of a Celtic Warmblood. Thanks for all the new breeds though. =)
  Mar 28, 2010  •  1,810 views
Heaven Sent Creatures  MOD 
cool that breed is not listed in any of my breed books
  Mar 28, 2010  •  1,706 views
Strawberry Kiwi Equine  
Vlaamperds, Galecino's, Paints, and I really think all horses should have different markinds still! XD
  Mar 28, 2010  •  1,711 views
Bright Horizon  
Celtic Warmblood, hm... I've never heard that one in my life!!! I'd like to see Swedish Warmbloods, Arabs, Appaloosas, Morgans, and Saddlebreds. Maybe some Fallabellas, too!!
  Mar 28, 2010  •  1,741 views
whisper rules  
i want a shire horse please!!
  Mar 28, 2010  •  1,664 views
Dare to Believe  
a few more fantasy breeds would be cool! Like Unicorns, maybe even Rainbow Horses! =) Some draft breeds too, like Clydsdales and Shires =)
  Mar 28, 2010  •  1,681 views
Bright Horizon  
Another way you could do these contests is for you to post a picture of the horse, then have the Ponybox players name it. The breed named by most players is the new breed on PB3. :)
  Mar 28, 2010  •  1,691 views
Wow I never ever heard of that breed, and didn't find it in my books!! Thanks!!! i love all the new breeds(I like real breeds better) Well Oit would be awesome if you made Sulpur Horses, Morabs aand lusitanos.
  Mar 28, 2010  •  1,729 views
Thoroughbred and a RainbowHorse!
  Mar 28, 2010  •  1,786 views
Siberian Traps  
Never heard of that breed, but I just googled it and it does look pretty close. I'd like Finnhorses and Icelandics on here. Or Colorado Rangers.
  Mar 28, 2010  •  1,719 views
A quick search on google led me to the conclusion that the "Celtic warmblood" is only an American name of the Irish darught and crosses with that breed. It apparantly sounds more romantic and wider (geographically?).
  Mar 28, 2010  •  1,685 views
LCM London Girl Merger  MOD 
I love the suggestion of an Anglo-Arabian
  Mar 28, 2010  •  1,782 views
Isn't Celtic Warmblood another name for Irish Draught?
  Mar 28, 2010  •  2,240 views
GreenClif Acres  MOD 
Never heard of a Celtic Warmblood either D I'd like to see a Thoroughbred though!
  Mar 28, 2010  •  1,734 views
Unicorns, Hippogriffs(head+wings of an eagle, body of a horse), Lippizaner
  Mar 28, 2010  •  1,861 views
Fantasy Farms  
Hanovarians (sorry about spelling), and some sort of draft breed
  Mar 28, 2010  •  1,884 views
I don't know Celtic Warmblood, I know Celtic Ponies, but no Celtic Warmbloods... I'll have a think over new breeds, but would maybe like to see Exmoors, or maybe Carmargue.
  Mar 28, 2010  •  1,953 views
T W I  
Dragon Horses, Lippys?
  Mar 28, 2010  •  1,866 views
Topthorn Equestri  
Percheron or some kind of draft breed?
  Mar 28, 2010  •  1,898 views
alliS Ranch  
i would love for the mustang to be added. or you could turn the black quater horses into mustangs because it doesnt make sense that you cant get a 100% QH out of a black QH & a brown QH. just a suggestion. thanks for everything you have already done :)
  Mar 28, 2010  •  1,888 views
i would like fire horses, kathiawaris, water horses,(swimming ones) and pegasi.
  Mar 28, 2010  •  1,614 views
Ebony Acres  
Newfoundland ponies? New forest ponies?
  Mar 28, 2010  •  1,608 views
I think we shoud have gypsy vanners. They are so cool!
  Mar 28, 2010  •  1,637 views
drawing was not close. i just looked one up. sorry. but good drawing of 'a' horse:)
  Mar 28, 2010  •  1,621 views
  Mar 28, 2010  •  1,795 views
Gosh. I didn't even know there was a Celtic Warmblood. Oh well.
  Mar 28, 2010  •  1,796 views
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