Balancing Ponybox Life and Real Life
 By Chris Antley Memorial   •   10th Apr 2010   •   9,311 views   •   33 comments
PonyboxOn the Ponybox forums, you can find a post saying that a player is taking a small break from Ponybox, like a semi-quit. Others say that they won’t be on a lot because of personal problems, school and family being the majority. Then there are the ones that say that they are officially quitting Ponybox. When posts like these appear throughout the forums, people are always saddened. A great player, artist, or friend they have grown to know and love is leaving. Some people quit but then come back after only a few hours, days, and sometimes years. No matter what the reason is, seeing a “Quitting Ponybox,” or “Taking a Break From Ponybox,” has to make a person a little sad inside to know that a player is leaving this great game and numerous friends from all around the world.

Some of the reasons people leave are:
1. Family
2. School
3. Medical Reasons
4. Loss of Interest
5. Rude and Meanness of other Players
6. Want to Spend More Time With Their Pets

And the list can go on and on and on.

Recently, my sister Wandie (ponybox name) and I made a post on the Morgan Server saying that we won’t be on as much as we use to, do to some family and school problems. And on April 5, 2010, I log on to Morgan and find a post titled: Decisions- RL vs. PB – Quitting. This post was made by The C R E E K. She was quitting Ponybox because of school. After reading her post, I decided to make this article about balancing Real Life and Ponybox Life.

The following chart is based on my opinion and from what I have seen:

12 years old and under – Manages Ponybox time and real life well.
13 years old to 17 years old – Most likely to quit or semi-quit Ponybox.
18 years old and older – Manages Ponybox time and real life extremely well.

Explaining: 12 years old and under

To me, children that are 12 and under manage their time on Ponybox and real life better than teenagers (13 – 18). The children that are 12 and under don’t have a lot of school work or activities (from what I have seen). Since they are still at a “young” age, the parents probably limit their children’s time on the computer.

Explaining: 13 years old to 17 years old

To me, by the time a child reaches 13 years old, they think they can do anything they want because they are now a teenager. They all a lot more school work and activities than someone who is 12 and under. Since they have reached the age of a teenager, they think they can do anything they want and they generally want to do things on their own. To me, teenagers (13 – 18) can’t manage their time on Ponybox and real life, because they think they can do everything.

Explaining: 18 years old and older

To me, when you are 18 or older, you manage your time on Ponybox and real life better than the ones who are 17 and under. At this time in your life, you are getting ready to graduate High School and move on to college. Besides doing your school work, you have a job and still manage the other activities in your life. At this age, because of school work, more activities, and having jobs, this person knows how to manage their time.

I will give you an example of what I am saying.

HomeschoolI have been homeschooled since 6th grade. I am currently 17 years old and in 10th grade. You are probably thinking to yourself, “Wait, if she is 17, shouldn’t she be in 11th grade?” You thought correctly. I am supposed to be in 11th grade. Generally when you hear that someone stayed back a grade you think that that person isn’t smart or doesn’t care about their school work. You are right……and wrong. Some kids stay back because they aren’t as smart as others or don’t learn or catch onto material like others can. Then there are some that chose not to do well and don’t care about school. However, then there are others who just “stay” back a grade. For example, in real life, I have a friend who is 19 years old and has just graduated from High School this year. She stayed back a grade because of her sara palsy.

I am a year behind in my school work because it took me awhile to get use to homeschooling and I switched curriculums many times before finding one that suited me best and one I liked and most of all because I didn’t have a schedule. It was because of a rough starting year that I fell behind. Ever since then, I have been working extremely hard to catch up and graduate on time with my cousin. It’s very hard and a lot of work but when you have goals it makes it a lot easier. When talking about my school work with aunts, uncles, and cousins, it is very discouraging, because they look at you like you aren’t smart at all. After awhile, I learned not to let it bother me because I know that I am smart.

It wasn’t until this year, at 17 years old, that I finally realized that it wasn’t Ponybox that made me fall drastically behind in my school work….it was me. I have a job, a lot of school work, music lessons and horseback riding lessons, plus other little activities. With all the things I am doing, I never made a schedule for myself to manage my time. If I had one, I would never have fallen behind in school.

So when I read, the “quitting” posts on Ponybox, I ask myself, “I wonder if they have a schedule.” If only children and teens from an early age learned how to make and keep a schedule, they will be a lot happier in life, won’t quit Ponybox, and realize that there are enough hours in a day.

That is why I said that 18 year olds and older know how to manage their time a lot better. They know how to go to school, have more than one job, and get all of their other activities done.

PonyboxBesides a schedule, it also helps to set goals for you. It is nice to have dreams, but remember a goal is more than a dream it is a dream being acted upon. It is more than a lazy, “Oh, I wish I could.” A goal is a clear, “This is what I’m working toward.”

Every since I was 11 years I have wanted to be a jockey. Six years later, that desire is stronger than ever. I have found a college I want to go to, to become one and like every college it is expensive. Just recently, I found a way I can apply for a scholarship. ( After, I told my mom about it, she said to me, “That is a great thing to work towards. So remember, set goals for yourself.

When you have a schedule and you know how to manage your time correctly, you can do anything, even play Ponybox.

When you are having trouble in school or if you fall behind like I did, just remember, it’s not Ponybox or someone else’s fault. It’s yours. You probably spent too much of your time on the computer or doing things you want to do instead of what you have to do.

This article is just my opinion and point of view. Everyone has their own views and reasons. I am not pointing to one person in particular….I’m just making the point that everyone needs to learn how to keep and follow a schedule, manage their time correctly, set goals for yourself, do want is right, and be happy.

Remember these things as well:

“Happiness doesn’t come from seeing your face on newsstands. Happiness comes from loving what you do and liking who you are.”

“Show them you can do it” – My mom

“Live for your own passion. Not the aspirations or expectations that others have for you…Nobody should apologize for their choice if they are following or discovering their passion…., and if what you do fulfills your passion, whatever it is, there is honor in that.” - Matthew Fox (actor)

“Go in at the bottom and come out on top learning a lot,” – paraphrasing what Gerard Bulter (actor) said.

I will end this on this note:

There are enough hours in a day. =D
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Snow Ridge  
Wonderful article indeed. This can be put to use by many including myself. Great job!
  52 days ago  •  2,189 views
Megliss Equine  
Nice Article Chris :)
  52 days ago  •  1,966 views
LCM London Girl Merger  MOD 
Brilliant...balance is the key to life :)
  52 days ago  •  2,078 views
City on the Hill  
Amazing article, do you mind if I post this on Pegasus?
  52 days ago  •  2,255 views
Cali Equus  
Great job. Very good information. Thank you=)
  52 days ago  •  2,355 views
Dead Moon  
Well, I think its an okay artical, but with the ages that you kinda set in groups such as the 13-18 year old one was kinda offending to me. You said the 13-18 year olds think they can do what ever they want. That is VERY offensive to me, since I'm 15. I know I CAN'T do "whatever I want" becuase of they way I was raised. To some people, what you said for the 13-18 year olds, could be offensive. Please, next time, word it were its less offensive.
  52 days ago  •  2,344 views
Ya know? I kinda agree with what Dead Moon was saying-_- It kida is alittle offensive the way you look at it. Atleast next time, do try to word it to were its not sooo offensive. I mean I'm 16, but I really do'nt do or try to do "whatever" I want to. I know I'm not supposed to, common sense, hello? I use it.
  52 days ago  •  2,419 views
King of Wings  
I liked the article. But im a 13 year old girl, and i cant just do as i like, in a morning i have to do a paper round so im up early every morning. and when i get home i have to get ready for school then when i get home from school i have to do homework. so i cant really do as i want, and to me theres not enought hours in a day. but you was saying your oppinion.
  52 days ago  •  2,286 views
Chris Antley Memorial  MOD 
Twilight Run - Sure. Just make sure you credit me. Dead Moon - I am 17 so I am under the 13 - 18 as well. I didn't mean to offend anyone. The categories are like I said, based on my opinion and from what I see in the area I live in.
  52 days ago  •  2,273 views
Happy Stables  MOD 
What a great Article! No matter how old you are, time management helps alot. You should publish this Chris!
  52 days ago  •  2,478 views
Bright Horizon  
Best article yet published on PB3. I mean it. Very important for all who are thinking about quitting PB to read. Awesome Chris Antley :)
  51 days ago  •  2,485 views
Chris Antley Memorial  MOD 
Thank you both! Happy - Where should I publish it?
  51 days ago  •  2,478 views
Lovely post! Very heartfelt =)
  Dec 25, 2010  •  2,452 views
Very good article, Chris! Well thought out and well written!
  Jan 15, 2011  •  2,672 views
Painted Destiny  
Great article!
  Jan 30, 2011  •  2,677 views
That is really good and should apply to my sister
  Feb 4, 2011  •  2,666 views
Set Free  
I homeschooled too and I have fallen behind some because of things going on in my life with my family and im starting to catch up now with my school work and im going to try and make a plan for what im going to do in the coming days. Thank you for your advice.
  Feb 5, 2011  •  2,727 views
Nice article :) It really is hard to balance everything you want to do in a day though :P
  Feb 24, 2011  •  2,684 views
Silent Nights  
so true! i agree!
  Jun 14, 2011  •  2,685 views
Laugh and Ride  
Wondeful article!
  Jul 13, 2011  •  2,695 views
Great article!
  Aug 6, 2011  •  2,665 views
Lope Quickly  
Great article!!
  Aug 15, 2011  •  2,690 views
All That Jazz  
Great article! I did find the 13 - 18 year old thing a little stereotypical, but I still liked the article. xD
  Sep 4, 2011  •  2,670 views
I know some people who should read this article xD This applys to facebook too !! :p
  Sep 9, 2011  •  2,687 views
T e a  
* claps * Well said Chris, very well said.
  Oct 23, 2011  •  2,365 views
Deep as Rhubarb  
Great article. :)
  Jan 1, 2012  •  2,171 views
I think this is a great article to read, good to know.
  Jan 22, 2012  •  2,167 views
Brilliant article! A good thing to know about. =)
  Feb 4, 2012  •  2,195 views
great article! :D
  Feb 5, 2012  •  2,180 views
Bright Horizon  
I think homeschooling is a great way to go. Don't let those family members get to you...and great article too btw. :)
  Mar 25, 2012  •  2,196 views
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