A Horse With a Message
 By Megan01   •   17th Apr 2010   •   2,686 views   •   3 comments
I remember the first day I rode at my barn, Misty Meadows LLC. I loved it! My first day was full of different colored horses, new smiling faces, and animals all over. The only horse that stuck out to me was a beautiful Paint named Hillbilly Ben. There were so many horses though, my mind changed by day.

Misty MeadowsA few months passed and I started to notice that horses were sold and bought, I eventually learned I couldn't open up my heart to every horse that touched it because every hello would soon end with a goodbye. Then it was my first year riding finally and I noticed that there was one horse that always stayed. Every horse bought and gone in a couple years or so, but she stayed. Even when times got tough and people were talking about money getting tight. She was a pretty chesnut with a giant heart, and an old one too. She had been here ever since my trainer Amy moved her barn to this location, although she was not owned by her. Even after I got my first horse in my third year of riding, she was still there. Her name was unknown to me for a long time, about two years. I did laugh a little when I found out how she got it thoug. We had two Rosies at our barn one young and reckless with a sassy attitude and a kind heart, the other old and fragile with a kind personality and a beautiful way to approach life. So with two Rosies they decided to name the one that was younger Old Rosie and the one that was older Old Rosie. I did love her name though it seemed like the perfect show name.

Unlike most horses at Misty Meadows I never saw anyone ride her or groom her whenever I came out to ride. I'd heard "story's" from everyone at the barn about her owner, but considered them gossip rather than the truth.

One day I walked in to the barn ready to tack up my horse for an afternoon ride. When I walked in my trainer, Amy was in the aisle way with Rosie on the cross ties she had a grooming kit at her feet and a brush in her hand. She was making soft and gentle strokes along Rosies neck. Amy, owning a barn of course had a lot of work to do and asked if I wanted to groom Rosie for her. Being a horse crazy girl with time on her hands, let loose at a barn, of course I accepted. Amy was bringing in horses for their dinner and she was waiting for them to finsih when she began talking to me. I could hear the horses muching on pellets in the background while Amy's voice echoed throught the barn to me.

Amy explained how Rosies owner, Julie didn't have time with work to come out and groom her. When Julie first got Rosie she took her in to the indoor arena to ride her when she got on she didn't notice the soft chirping of a bird. While Rosie was being ridden around she didn't hear the bird either. As she turned a corner at the right end of the arena the bird swooped down from the ceiling to get out of the arena. Rosie was very startled by this and raced to get out of the barn. Leaving behind Julie on the ground, and her last exercise. So the whole point of Amy telling me all of this is that she would like to help Julie out and make Rosies life a little nicer and easier.

Two years passed and my grandma and I were out at the barn waiting for my mom to come pick me up to take me home after a long two hours of riding my Thoroughbred, Bailey. Usually if I had spare time while I was at the barn, or if I was waiting for someone to pick me up I did chores for Amy around the barn. Well Amy had nothing for me to do on this particular day, so I decided I would go give Rosie a good brushing while I was waiting.

I walked out to the gate of the mares pasture, unlocked it and walked out through the dust to go get Old Rosie. The one thing that stood in the way was Amys Paint cross eventing horse, Indie. She was defenitly the lead mare of the pack and controlled anyone and everyone that set foot inside of her paddock. As soon as I walked over to Rosie I heard the thundering of Indies hooves growing closer and I knew she was on her way to make sure that Rosie didn't get the treat that I didn't have. That's when I walked away, feeling horrible because I was unable to protect Rosie from the sixteen point two hand crazy mare. When Indie was satisfied she ran off back to her round bale. So I walked out to Rosie and hooked a lead on her halter I walked her a long ways, until she spotted Indie about ten feet ahead at the round bale. She froze and I couldn't do anything to make her move from that spot. So I unhooked the lead and walked about two feet past the round bale leaving her frozen in her spot. I began to call her name and look her straight in the eye as to say just trust me and you can go get some fresh hay and water and get brushed down. Just when I was ready to give up she started to inch forward with her front hoof. Then in a split second she took off like lighting to where I stood just past the round bale. I was stunned and unable to move, if I were to do that to my horse he would stand there and look at me like, you want to ride me you gotta come get me! Rosie completely amazed me she followed me all the way up to the gate and there I hooked a lead on her halter and led her into the barn and on to the cross ties. Where she was given a very good brushing and some treats, well earned.

One thing I loved about Rosie was her way of approaching life. It may seem weird for me to say this about a horse because their life is eating, sleeping, and being worked, but Rosie had something about her. Like even if she didn't look perfect all the time, if she wasn't the best at her job, if she wasn't well liked by everyone, she didn't care. She absoulutely didn't care. She went about her day without a care in mind, if she was kicked by Indie, so what, if she wasn't brushed, well she would go lay in the suna and fell beautiful. As a person that was close with her I think that she sent out a message to anyone that wanted to get to know her. Another thing about Rosie. All you had to do for her to love you, was to be nice to her and care about her and she'd give it right back.

Sadly in my sixth year of riding Rosie passed of natural causes. My friend Gwen found her when she went out to check on her horse Harley that morning. Amy said it had to have happened some time during the night. I have to say I would not have wanted to be Gwen that morning but I would have wanted a chance to say goodbye the day before she left us all. I think thats why when I came out a week before to ride my horse I had this feeling like after I was done riding Bailey I should go take care of Rosie, like a feeling that she only had seconds left and I needed to be with her every one of those last seconds. I don't know if that's why I wanted to be with her so bad that day, but I do know that I will carry Rosies ways with me for a life time and I thank the stars every night that Rosie was able to share some of her life with me.
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wow what a beautiful horse
  Apr 17, 2010  •  2,070 views
Bright Horizon  
Sounds like a great horse :)
  Apr 19, 2010  •  2,106 views
Cruisin Past Curfew  
Beautiful story!
  Apr 23, 2012  •  2,066 views
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