Jack Shank Training Tips
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My 4H group and me have just completed an amazing horse training clinic with Mr. Jack Shank. He did an amazing job with all of our horses and taught us different ways to deal with their habits here are some habits he covered.

My horse is head shy, which means that he doesn't like anything on his head or around his face touched a lot. We think he got this from the race track. When my horse used to race the owners and trainers liked to use an ear twitch. This goes around the horses ear and pinches it to make hormones in the horse start to work harder so that the horse starts to focus on other things. So my horse hates being bridled so what he likes to do is, throw his head in the air, shake his head, and nip. When Mr. Shank approached this problem with my horse here is what he decided would be best for my horse.

Jack Shank Training TipsMr. Shank first took the bridle and put the reins over the head of the horse. Then he pulled one rein of the bridle, the one closest to him. He pulled on the rein until the horse gave to the pressure, meaning his head came down. Mr.Shank doesn't like time limits meaning that when you are training your horse you shouldn't come out like O.K. I have five minutes to do this with my horse. All Mr. Shank does is work with that horse until he does what he wants. Which may not take five minutes more like ten or fifteen. After Mr. Shank had pulled on that rein he placed his hand in between my horses ear otherwise known as the poll. He put pressure on his poll until my horse gave to the pressure by dropping his head. From here he started with the bridle. Instead of putting the bridle on right away he took the head stall off the bridle and placed it over the horses ears without putting in the bit. When he did this he wanted the horse to drop his head. Once the horse did drop his head he put the bit in this time and put the headstall over his good ear and then over his bad ear. My horse did great after Mr. Shank had worked with him.

My friends horse also named Bailey has some trouble on the ground. His bad habits are, running over her, not stopping when asked. When Mr. Shank does ground work he likes to use the bridle with a snaffle bit, any kind of snaffle as long as it's a snaffle bit. He believes that you have more control of your horse like this. So the things you need to work on these ground exercises are a bit, preferred snaffle, a dressage wip, and you need to wear a helmet. So once you have everything make sure you are in a place with your horse that is open and a place where your horse can focus on you well. Keep the reins of your horse over his head like your riding him. Start on the right. Take the right rein of your horse and tell him to move forward with out moving you. Then IF NEEDED take your dressage wip and tap him on the butt to make him move his hip over, once he moves his hip over do the same thing only to the left. Continue to go back and fourth, right to left until you feel your horse is tired of the exercise. The object of this exercise is to move your horses hip over and make him focus and listen to you. This also means that when you are moving your horse you must try to move yourself as little as possible. My friends horse defenitly benifited from this. Another thing Mr. Shank teaches is that the dresagge wip is just an exstension of the arm, it must only be used when the horse absoulutely refuses to move forward.

My friends Paint named Reflector has a stiff neck which means he doesn't like to bend his neck. What Mr. Shank did was the same thing that he did with Bailey only after your horse moves his hip, back him up a step. When you do this exercise make sure that after move the hip there is no pause before you back him up. If you do have a horse like Reflector with a stiff neck when you move his hip over pull in his head until he gives to the pressure. When he gives to the pressure he should bend in his head and move his body out.

Another problem with my horse Bailey is he loves to keep his head held high in the air and I mean very high in the air. When Mr. Shank rode my horse he did not use a dressage wip. He mounted my horse and took up the reins tight. He pulled the reins back to his the tree of the saddle. He kept the pressure until the horse gave to the pressure and dropped his head. If your horse starts to back up put pressure on him with your legs and keep it there until he stops.

My friends Bailey that we talked about before has a problem undersaddle too. He hates being seperated from the group and when he is he will refuse to go forward with his pace. When my friend kicks or taps him with the wip he will kick up. Mr. Shank rode Bailey and decided that the best thing for him is trasitons. Especially ones from walk to trot and when he kicks up while using the wip hit him on the butt, with the wip.

My friends horse named QT has a very sassy attitude and hates being mounted. What Mr. Shank did with her was try to mount her, when she tried kicking out or walking away he took the foot out of the stirrup and took the dressage wip and moved the hip over. He did this until he was sucsessful with mounting.

My horse Bailey loves to run from me when I go out to catch him to ride or groom. What Mr. Shank suggests is that whenever he will not let me catch him, make him run like crazy no matter how long it takes. Eventually he will learn. I did this one day with my trainer and we ran him until he was tired of it then he evetually stopped in a corner of the paddock. When he stopped in the corner. We walked over to him we patted him and put on his halter. When your horse does finall stop you shouln't shame him because he actually did what you asked even though it took him a while to understand.

Another thing that Mr. Shank pointed out in our training session was that horses are very forgiving animals, which I strongly believe too.
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good tips i had a horse like that once too she broke the prob though
  Apr 19, 2010  •  2,526 views
Topthorn Equestri  
I'v never heard of Jack Shank. I use Parelli!
  Apr 19, 2010  •  2,549 views
Generally good commonsense horsemanship methods. Althogh I prefer to do groundwork in a halter, since the only 'control' a bridle gives you over a halter is more stress on the horse's delicate mouth...
  Apr 20, 2010  •  2,697 views
So he uses the Resistance Free method developed by Richard Shrake? That's what me and my insturctor are using to train my horse.
  Apr 20, 2010  •  2,618 views
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