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Have you ever been hurt? Insulted? Betrayed? Have you had a broken heart? Have you lost a friend? Have you ever felt that life just isn't worth living any more, that it's just too hard to be worth the effort? Have you locked yourself away, feeling that nobody understands and nobody cares?

We've all felt misery and we've all felt pain. We've all had that moment where we are sure we are the unluckiest people in the whole world. We've all had that one time that we felt completely overwhelmed, just hugging our knees to our chests and wishing it would all be over, because we just can't keep going any longer.

You know what? It is never as bad as it seems. NEVER. In science, all forces have an opposite force acting against them. In life, it is exactly the same.

The human mind is truly remarkable. We can think our ways out of almost any situation if we truly want to. We can make or break happiness depending on how we think about things. When you have a glass of coke and you've drank half of it, do you look at it and think "Oh no, I've only got half left!" Or do you think, "Yay! I've got another whole half to go!” (Please note that this example does NOT apply to revolting substances such as Med-Lemon or week old fruit juice. Also, a word to the wise: don't drink week old fruit juice. Even if it is close at hand on your desk, even if there is nothing else to drink... It's not worth it. Trust me. Anyway, time for me to get back on subject...)
So as you see, it is all about how you think about things. You can throw yourself into a state of complete misery, or a state of blissful euphoria simply depending on how you see a situation. And guess what, now this is the exciting bit, we CHOOSE how we see things! Isn't that amazing? We can choose whether to be happy or not!

That being said, allow me to ask you this: Do you really want to be happy?

Let me guess, you answered "Well of course I do, otherwise I would not be reading this!" Well, that is what you think. Ready for some examples? Here goes:

Situation number 1: Fighting

Somebody is picking on you. They are hurting you, calling you names, fighting with you and making you unhappy. You are angry and hurt, so you keep talking to them, keep yelling at them, making yourself more and more unhappy each day it goes on... When your friends or family come to offer you comfort, you snap at them and tell them to go away because they don't understand and because you're not in the mood. Then you curl up in a ball and dissolve in tears because nobody cares and you're all alone. When you are in this situation, everything makes sense to you, but when you look at it this way, it seems pathetic, does it not? If you truly wanted to be happy, why would you endlessly speak to those who make you unhappy, and push away those who wish to cheer you up? Clearly, you want to be miserable.

Situation number 2: You failed a test

You get your maths test back, and you have failed. Instantly you become unhappy. You put yourself down and you call yourself stupid. You are terrified that your parents will be disappointed and you will be in trouble. You are disappointed in yourself, because you wanted to do better. Eventually you decide that the subject is stupid anyway and you just don't care any more. Your marks get worse and worse, you get more and more disappointed with yourself, and eventually you fall into misery. If you truly wanted to be happy, you would look at the test and think "Well, now I know what I have to work on to get a better result next time." Does that not seem the wiser choice, now that you look at it?

Situation number 3: You have to put down a beloved pet

This one is a classic happiness killer. We all love our pets. I could honestly say that my pets are as close to me as my family. Yet how you think about this situation can determine how hard it is. When your parents tell you they must put down your pet, you will get angry. You will be miserable because you are losing a dear friend, and you will become more miserable due to the anger consuming your soul. You will be denying yourself the comfort you might get from sharing the grief with your family by blaming them. You will feel sorry for yourself, thinking about how much it hurts to lose your pet. Would it not be better to think that your beloved friend is no longer in pain? That he/she is in a better place now? You could remember the good times and share the grief with your friends and family. You can all comfort each other, and eventually the sorrow will pass.

Do you understand now that we are actually in complete control? We cannot change what situations life throws at us, but we can change how we deal with them. If you are nice to people, people will be nice to you. If people are nice to you, you can make friends. If you have friends, you can find comfort in the hard times. If you have comfort, you can find strength. If you have strength, you can change your mindset and find the bright side to the darkest of days. Once you've found that bright side, you will inevitably be able to move forward through the darkness, and nothing will get in your way. Once you are moving forward, the light of true happiness will only be a few steps away.

Once you have achieved this happiness, you can share it. A simple kind word, a friendly smile, offering a helping hand. With such simple gestures you can save a life and spread happiness to the souls of others. The happier the people around you get, the easier it is for you to maintain your happiness. Now you have happiness, you find a new determination and strength of heart. Suddenly, things that seemed like the end of the world before are everyday things that you can easily overcome. When people try to break you down, you can choose not to let them succeed.

Remember that just because somebody says something about you does not mean it is true. You can choose if you want to believe it or not. You can choose to make it true or false, through your actions and reactions. Remember that happiness comes from within and that true beauty cannot be found in a person's appearance. We can change our physical appearances with surgery, wigs, and masks... Does that not show how futile they are? The beauty within is something untouchable. It is something precious that is yours and yours alone, and you are the one who chooses how beautiful you are by the way you think, the way you act and the way you treat those around you. Even if you have achieved happiness, you might find that it is nothing more than an illusion. Selfish happiness is a myth, for there is no such thing. True happiness blooms when shared with others. It multiplies through kind actions and kind words.

Everybody is born with a seed of greatness and enough happiness to water it for a lifetime. Will you allow yours to grow, or will you burn it into cinders? The choice is yours, it is as simple as that.
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Awesome article, Polo! :D So true, aswell.
  May 1, 2010  •  3,384 views
Happy Stables  MOD 
Great article, Polo! I always try to be happy, that's why my barn name is, Happy Stables! : )
  May 1, 2010  •  3,278 views
Prarie Rose  
Great article! A lot of people need this! :)
  May 1, 2010  •  3,240 views
Polo the Weirdo  MOD 
Thank you guys! ^_^ Happy: I like that! :P Haha!
  May 1, 2010  •  3,238 views
Wonderful article polo! Very good!! I really like it
  May 1, 2010  •  3,257 views
Polo the Weirdo  MOD 
Thank you! :D
  May 7, 2010  •  3,238 views
Cruisin Past Curfew  
Amazing article Polo!
  Apr 25, 2012  •  3,241 views
Awesome, amazing and VERY true article Polo!!!!
  Jul 4, 2013  •  3,258 views
So true. Great article! :)
... Week old fruit juice? Yuck! :p
  Jul 4, 2013  •  3,475 views
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