Remembering Tina - Worlds Tallest Horse
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Worlds Tallest HorseAsk me how tall too tall is for a horse. I would reply with a firm 17hh. No taller. Any taller and I would rather stay on ground level with the giant. Try telling Marge and Jim Williams that even 18hh is too tall.

The Williams run a bed and breakfast called Springbrook Inn which is also where Marge runs a riding academy. The WIlliams set out to bring home a new addition to the family. They came across a four month old Shire filly from Jenson Shire farm. It was love at first sight. They brought the small filly, named Jenson's Diplomat Tina(aka Tina),home.

Knowing that her sire was (only) 19.3hh and her dam 18hh they didnt give it a second thought when Tina began to grow. And grow. And grow. Then she grew some more. Finally it had caught the Williams eyes. She was already about 20hh! After some research they decided to call up Guinness World Records. Tina had passed the current worlds tallest horse!

When Tina was only 3 years old Guinness World Records came to measure her, along with two licensed vets, mayor of the town, and four councilmen to be the witnesses. She measured exactly 20hh and 20.1 with her shoes on! The horse she beat out was (only) 19.3 1/2hh. The Williams recieved the good news October 25, 2007.

Expecting Tina to top out at about 23hh they were not expecting everything to go wrong. Tina had to have surgery to correct a hip surgery and everything was going great. Upon arrival Tina was doing fine but shortly after she went down, only to never get back up again. Thirty hours of intensive vet care went by of trying to save her before she passed.

Worlds Tallest Horse

Although Tina is gone now and the horse she beat out took back his title she is remembered and loved dearly. She died in April of 2008 at age 4.

Currently, Breyer Model Horses is making a model of Radar, the horse in which she stole the Tallest Horse title from. Some of us think Radar deserves being made a model, but some of us think they should make one of the true tallest horse, Tina.

I do attend Marge Williams riding academy and she is greatly missed there. Rest in peace Tina,you will always be loved.
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Cruisin Past Curfew  
Aww, she is so pretty! She should have been a Breyer model!
  Apr 25, 2012  •  3,828 views
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