The Perfect Horse for You
 By Bright Horizon   •   22nd Apr 2010   •   2,443 views   •   6 comments
Horse StoriesAll of us have dreamed of the same horse. We've wished for that beautiful, angelic horse that comes running when you call. It is perfectly conformed with no bad habits, and never spooks. It doesn't look the same to all of us, or have the same skills, but we all see it. We see our idealistic dream horse. Somehow, someday, we must come to a certain realization that no real horse will ever be exactly like that. It will have one or two flaws, but still, it will be just the horse for us.

I only came to this realization a little while ago. I was finally going shopping for a horse! It took me a long, long time to find a horse that would suit me. This one was too small, that one too large, this one cribs, that one too young. But, eventually, I found ‘that horse’. She jumped gorgeously, with no vices, and had been doing English for two years. Before that she was ridden Western. My girl came home on trial for a month, and finally I chose to buy her, Finally.

However, all good things must come to an end, and my beautiful mare nearly did ‘come to an end’ only two days after I bought her. That second night I got a call from the stables where she was boarding. “I am sorry to tell you this, but your horse has colic,” were the words of the stable owner. My heart stopped. I couldn’t breathe. I felt my world come crashing down. I cried and cried that night, and I even cried myself to sleep. I wanted so badly to be with her, but she was boarded at a stable pretty far from my home. I loved that horse. She just couldn’t leave me here, stuck on Earth. I wasn’t going to let her leave.

My horse was, and is a stubborn little thing. She got through the night, and I rushed to see her at the crack of dawn. She was perfectly alright in the morning. I brushed her and played with her, talked to her and hugged her, and I simply couldn’t drag myself away from her.

During that point in time, that horse was perfect. She showed no vices, no quirks. Nothing was ornery about her, and she feared almost nothing. But this soon came to an end. She started being hard to catch in the field, and rearing when her mouth was messed with. My horse bolted under saddle once or twice. She had no idea that you could walk on the lounge line. None of this was at all like the mare I knew.

At long last, we came to the root of some of her problems. It is something many horses-and-rider pairs must face. They must face fear. As my horse and I have found, trust can be a big factor of fear. If I’ll only trust her, she’ll trust me. I must be her solid rock, her foundation. I must let her know that the ‘scary leopard’ is only a harmless rabbit. I always will be there for her, and I’ve got to let her know that. She has come a long way from that point. She lets me catch her in the field, there has been no more bolting. She does not glance at me uncertainly, but trustingly directs her gaze toward me. She is much better about having her mouth played with, and hasn’t reared in a long time.

Still, my horse isn’t perfect. I know she’ll never be. As long as I acknowledge that, then we’re fine. This is the way it must be with all horses and their partners. You’ve got to face the fact that your equine isn’t perfect, but they are just the right one for you. They may have their quirks and ornery tricks, but you can overlook those, you and only you can. You can see, they are your perfect horse.
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Nice Job! I will need to keep that in mind when I am shopping for my first horse which will hopefully be soon. :) Thanks so much and you did a great job!
  Apr 22, 2010  •  1,594 views
bambam roxs  
that is wonderful!!!i luv it!!!!!!!!!....good job
  Apr 22, 2010  •  1,600 views
That is a wonderful story :)
  Apr 22, 2010  •  1,609 views
Lovely article. I enjoyed reading it =)
  Apr 22, 2010  •  1,702 views
wish I was lucky enough to have a horse of my own. even though I know horses aren't perfect they seem like they are perfect to me...
  15 days ago  •  1,619 views
Cruisin Past Curfew  
Aww, sweet story ^.^ Very well written!
  Apr 24, 2012  •  1,594 views
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