May 9th Horse Show
 By Strawberry Kiwi Equine   •   15th May 2010   •   2,551 views   •   2 comments
To me, this was not just a show. It was the second time me and my lease horse poppy have ever competed. Not just as a pair, the first time ever for both of us. First of all, let me introduce you to Poppy. If you can picture a golden chestnut horse with three white socks and a bald face, you'll see Poppy. But Poppy is not just your ordinary 'lesson' horse. At her old barn, she was trained in reining. But after she was trained, she was a pasture horse for years occasionally being ridden. It was not until January that my trainer came upon this amazing horse at an auction. She was sold to my trainer for only $500. We live very close to Canada, so she could have easily been purchased by a death buyer.

May 9th Horse Show

When I saw this big poofball in the pasture, I knew she would be the one. Being the 'newbie' at the barn, she was constantly picked on by the other horses. But she let me walk right up to her and scratch her head. It was weeks before I could ride her, but every day I could I would take her in the barn and groom her after my lessons. We were still weaning her off horseshoes, so I had to wait for it to snow, or for the ice on the ground to melt to ride her. One day, I got my wish. It snowed a couple of days before my lesson. All I got to do was trot her around in a circle, but it was worth it. I was amazed at how well she responded to my leg cues and setting her head. I would ask her to trot once, and she would keep trotting until I asked her to stop. Over the next few weeks, I worked her every Saturday during my lessons, teaching her a correct headset and trying to transition her to english. Over several weeks, she seemed to not fit the potential I thought she would. One weekend in April, I was riding her during another lesson, and she just wouldn't respond to me. I lost a bit of confidence, and was really considering leasing another horse for the show season. I was planning on riding a horse named Rosie for the practice show I had on April 17th. But as we were trailering the horses there on April 16th, it was like fate brought us together. My trainer said that she just found out the other rosie rider was riding her in the same class as me, and that she had no other horses besides Poppy. Since I had been riding her for the past couple months, she decided I should give her a second chance. And I am ever glad she did. Poppy behaved perfectly the whole show, and we won three first places, and one third. So that really made up my mind, I would lease Poppy.

The next show I went to was on April 25th. Again, I would be riding Poppy. This was both of our first horse shows, and we were both excited and a bit nervous. Poppy warmed up nicely in the practice ring, but once we got in the show ring, it became apparent we were both very nervous. I can't ride in breeches like I can in jeans, so I had to try very hard to keep up with her movements. Our biggest mistakes was not keeping gaits. Every time the loudspeaker would come on, she would break gait. Then, it was very obvious she was never really shown. We made it through all of our classes, and actually placed in front of 1 of the 4 riders in my division in western horsemanship. I was extremely proud of her for making it through the classes, and making it apparent she was trying to please me.

Now, back to the May 9th show. I cannot use words to describe how proud I am of this horse. We went through all the classes with minimal breaking of gait, if at all during some. She was amazing in the practice ring, and it was obvious she was trying her hardest to make me proud. When she got in the ring, she went into full out show mode. You could still tell she was clueless, but she was very in tune to what I was telling her to do. We didn't win anything in English, but in Western, we got 6th out of about 20 in Western Pleasure and 4th out of about 15 in Western Horsemanship. You can see that her 'training' is coming along very well, she is a quick learner. I am looking forward to the future I have with this horse, as it seems to be very bright.

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Poppy looks really nice!
  May 15, 2010  •  1,604 views
Poppy is nice! My horse Rosie was bought for $500 also. I trained her. It looks like you are coming along nicely with Poppy also!
  May 15, 2010  •  1,614 views
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