Mounted Police
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The average person doesn't realize just how big a role horses play in everyday life. Horses aren't only there for the joy of human beings, but they are also there for our safety.

Western Australian PoliceMounted Police are generally found in crowd control units, or traffic control. The advantage? They're a lot higher than the people on the ground, and offenders will tend to avoid police on horseback, because even though they may not be thinking straight, they still know that horses can kick.

In recent years, mounted police units across Australia and the world have begun using the following breeds:

Clydesdale, Clydesdale crosses, Warmblood crosses, Friesians, Percheron crosses, Walers, Thoroughbreds, Warmbloods, Andalusian crosses and Standard Bred crosses. However, almost all breads are suitable for the job. Clydesdales are preferred due to their standing height, giving police an even further view over the heads of the crowd. Most horses are needed to be above 16.2hh.

In this article, I'll focus on the Western Australian Police.

Some horses are donated to the Police for us, and others are purchased after being decided as suitable for the job. The only requirements are that they (obviously need to be healthy) but they also need to be bold but placid and have good confirmation. Also, the bigger the horse, the better.

Horses are kept in stables or paddocks on a 40 acre farm.

Police horses and riders are trained to cope with all aspects of police work including patrolling, riots and crowd control situations, missing person searches and ceremonial duties such as the Anzac Day Parade. Training for these aspects is achieved by flat work, nuisance and civil disorder training, and cross country. Different equipment is used to acquaint the horses with loud noises, large crowds, smoke and obstacles that they may experience on the road.

Whilst in crowd and traffic control situations, horses are provided with special boots to protect their hooves in the event of stepping on broken glass. In sever situations, horses are giving face shields to protect their eyes.

It's not an uncommon occurrence to see news on TV with police horses being used for crowd control. Horses are rarely hurt due to their size over the crowds, thus they protect their riders. So, looking for a job with horses when you're older, but not sure what to do? Maybe give Mounted Police a try.
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when i was at henley square once (in south australia) me, my auntie and brother saw two. we then talked to them and asked them what its like and that and i'm thinking maybe of becoming one. :)
  May 16, 2010  •  3,757 views
I would love to be a Mounted cop. I love horses and want to be a cop anyway, so why not?
  May 16, 2010  •  3,728 views
I have seen the mounted police in real life!
  May 17, 2010  •  3,753 views
My city just got a small mounted unit. They ride out of a therapeutic riding center that I volunteer at, so get to see the police horses every week. They are so sweet! You go into the field and you are instantly crowded by these massive black horses trying to get some attention!
  May 18, 2010  •  3,812 views
My neighbor's sister trained a horse and sold him to the Mounted Police-- she ended up buying it back from them because it was mistreated and used as a machine. It was the last horse as the others had been sol off or gotten sick (something along those lines.) Anyways-- Im not a fan of Mounted Police anymore.
  Dec 14, 2012  •  3,834 views
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