You have Changed our Whole Family
 By JessLovesJosie   •   21st Jun 2010   •   1,667 views   •   5 comments
You have Changed our Whole FamilyOn December 15th, 2009 my mom, little sister Madelyn and I drove a few minutes to a new puppy store. We knew the people and unlike most puppy places they don't neglect their puppies. My mom, Madelyn, and I went that day because while Madelyn and I were at school my mom was there and saw a really cute black and white curly puppy that she had fallen in love with. While we were there we were looking at the puppy my mom had loved so much and we were playing with her and having fun. Then the owner walks up to my mom and put a beautiful Cavachon (Half Bichon Frise Half Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) puppy into her arms. It was love at first sight for the three of us. When we were taking turns holding the beautiful creature, each time we would pass her on, she would hug the person that was holding her.

We were all in love with her and the second we got home we told my older brother Scott, older sister Amanda, and my dad. And of course. My dad said no. We already have a 6 year old Boxer named Mugsy and we all thought he was depressed after our one year old Yorkie Molly was stolen a year before. So we begged and begged my dad and he just got more and more mad at us for bothering him.We wanted that puppy so much! We even gave her a name. We named her Lulu. One day when my older sister Amanda went to the puppy store we received a call from her."Mom Lulu is gone.Someone bought her. The owners told me that some old lady bought her."

We were all too sad to go back to the puppy place. We never wanted to go back ever again. All we wanted was a puppy for us and a new best friend for Mugsy and Lulu fit right in for us.

You have Changed our Whole FamilyBut one day, it was any other Thursday. I got home from school and took a nap to sleep off my long day at school. I woke up three hours later. My parents and sister surrounding my bed. My mom had her video camera and I didn't know what was going on. I looked at them and then closed my eyes and tried to go back to bed. Then, I felt my dad place a little Cavachon puppy next to me on my bed. MY DAD HAD BOUGHT LULU! I was estatic! It was such a wonderful day for me! I almost cried with joy. My dad told my family that he was keeping her at my aunts house and he planned on giving her to us on Christmas but he thought the puppy needed to be with her family sooner. My dad told the store owners to tell us that an old lady bought her. Now our family was complete. We had a new adorable fluffy puppy, and a new best friend for my favorite dog, Mugsy. Everyone was happy. Instead of Lulu, we named our new family member Rosie.

We got her when she was only 4 months old. Now she is 8 months old. The time and good times have flown by. Mugsy loves her to death and I myself have formed a strong bond with her. Or course I have, I am the animal lover of my family. I ride horses, Ride my best friends horse Callie, Walk dogs, and now do Agility with Rosie.

She is still learning but she is an amazing little puppy in my eyes. She is only about 12inches tall and can jump twice her height.

So, in my opinion she is the best dog I have ever had. (Next to Mugsy of course) She is energetic, but cuddly, she is cute and fluffy, and she isn't too small.
I love you Rosie. We all do.

Thank You For reading this. It is really hard to tell anyone how much I love this dog in words. I can't explain my love for Rosie. I plan on entering 4-H with her and do Agility trials. She is a smart dog and I know we can do it!
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ahh shes very cute!! Good luck with her. :D
  Jun 21, 2010  •  1,308 views
Star Princess  
She is so cute!!! I've always wanted a dog like that!
  Jun 22, 2010  •  1,240 views
T W I  
Aww! Great story!
  Jun 23, 2010  •  1,227 views
im teaching my dog to do jump!, hes jumped like 75cm - 1m before (around that) but after a while he just dodges them and goes around them! but i still love him and we're working on it. fantastic article :)
  Jun 25, 2010  •  1,258 views
Cruisin Past Curfew  
Cute story! But you really shouldn't pull your dog like that, especially when she is jumping. It is best to jump without a leash.
  Apr 29, 2012  •  1,225 views
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