Bathing A Horse
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Whether you are getting ready to go to a horse show or your horse is just plain dirty, a bath can solve that.

Bathing A HorseBefore you start to bathe your horse, you should give your horse a good brushing. Start with a curry comb to get all the dirt out from your horses coat. Go in a circular motion all over the horses body except their head. This will loosen all the dead hair, hay, burrs and other unwanted material. Then use a stiff brush to go over the horses coat to get all dirt off of their coat. Make sure to go with the direction that hair is growing. Next take your stiff brush and give your horses legs a good brushing to get all the mud and other dirt off of the horses legs. Don't forget to pick out the pieces of hay from your horses mane and tail before you bathe your horse. Also if you just finished riding your horse, feel the inside your horses back leg. If the vein is cool, then it is safe to bathe your horse. Bathing a horse with cold water while the horse is still hot can cause your horse to colic.

Now that your horse has all of the dirt, mud and hay off of them, you are ready to start to bathe your horse. First tie your horse up or cross tie him. Some horses don't like bathes and will walk away. If your horse doesn't tie, have a friend hold him for you. Start by running water over the horses legs first so they can get used to the water temperature. Make sure the water is not too hot, but not too cold. Start by running water on their legs. Then move up to their shoulder then their neck. Once your horses entire body is wet, apply the shampoo. Make sure your shampoo is horse friendly. Shampoos formulated for horses are pH-balanced for the animals sensitive skin which is also host to a number of beneficial bacteria. If damaged or destroyed it can lead to severe skin problems. There is many different kinds of shampoos that have different uses. Choose the one that is right for your horse.

Put your shampoo onto a grooming mitt or a soft rubber curry comb. Start with the horses neck or back. Work the shampoo into the horses coat to remove the nested dirt. Don't be afraid to take your time to make sure that all the sweat, dirt, grime and dead skin cells are removed. Don't forget to wash your horses mane. To wash their mane, you can use your hands to work the shampoo in. Next hose away all of the suds and dirt. If your horse is really dirty, you can do this process twice. After you have washed your horses neck, back and rump, you can move onto their legs. Use your hands or a grooming mitt to apply shampoo to your horses legs. Work the shampoo in and rinse. If you horse has white markings on their legs, you can use a whitening shampoo to get their legs looking really white and clean. A horses tail is easy to wash. First use shampoo and rub it into the tail. Then rinse and follow up with a conditioner. If your horses tail is tangled, you can use a detangler product. Spray or rub in the detangler product and use your hands or a comb to get all the tangles out. The last thing to wash is your horses head. Many horses don't like their heads to be washed. You can apply a small amount of shampoo to a wash cloth and then gently rub it onto their heads. Be careful you don't get any shampoo into the horses eyes. Then use another wash cloth to rinse the shampoo off.

Bathing A Horse

When you are done bathing your horse, take a sweat scraper and scrap off the excess water off of the horses coat. When you are doing this, go with the direction of the horses hair. Then you can towel dry your horse or put a cooler on your horse so he or she won't get cold. Don't forget to dry your horses legs with a towel. Some people find that walking the horse around after the bath minimizes the chance of your horse rolling in dry dusty hay. If it's cold, don't put your horses blankets on until the horse is dry. If its hot, a sheet can help keep your horse clean. To keep your horses tail clean, you can put a tail bag on your horse. I tail bag is a a great way to keep your horses tail clean. A mane tamer is another great way to keep your horses neck and head clean. Its made of stretchy material that buckles under your horses back where a girth would go. A mane tamer not only keeps your horses head and neck clean, but it also makes your horses mane stay down and look nice and neat.

Some tips about bathing your horse is to use baby shampoo and a sponge to wash your horse's face. Baby shampoo doesn't sting if it gets in the eyes, and the sponge can help wet the face of a shy horse who doesn't like the hose in his face. If your horse gets bored from standing, use a haynet filled with hay to keep him occupied while you are bathing him. If your horse is scared of being bathed, just use water the first time so you don't have to worry about rinsing out the shampoo. Don't wash your horse all the time. When you wash your horse, it takes away the natural oil in a horses coat. If you wash your horse a lot, it will dry out your horse skin and their coat will become dull.

Bathing your horse is a great way to get he or she clean. Just remember to limit how many times you bathe them.
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Beeswax Crusade  
Nice article. I'd just like to mention that it's very important to get as much water as possible off the horse's coat, especially if it's hot out, because the water seals in heat on the horse's coat, and what you'd think would cool off the horse is really baking it.
  May 30, 2010  •  8,514 views
great article!! i like these type of ones that give out info to help me out!
  May 30, 2010  •  8,504 views
LCM London Girl Merger  MOD 
Fantastic article... I was lucky, first time I bathed a horse I had an experienced person to help... well done
  May 30, 2010  •  8,609 views
:D Great Article! Great Job!
  May 30, 2010  •  8,477 views
bambam roxs  
great articel!!!aslo i have a show this weekend so hes going to be extra clean now!!!!lol
  May 30, 2010  •  8,487 views
I will make my horse extra clean for my next show also! Thank you!
  Jun 1, 2010  •  8,495 views
Great article! Next time i bathe my horse he will be as clean as a whistle! :D.
  Jun 3, 2010  •  8,520 views
Dark Star  
I have a almost totally white horse so I just use whitining shampoo on almost his whole body, but only before I show...I never bathe my horse otherwise...too much to do. We do give bathes to horses that have really thick tails or manes so they won't be killer to get clean later
  Sep 6, 2010  •  8,472 views
Thank you for the article, this coming summer I'm applying as a stable hand if anyone needs me,and this will come in handy if i need to bath a horse! :)
  Sep 11, 2010  •  8,531 views
Cruisin Past Curfew  
Amazing article! Very well written!
  Apr 28, 2012  •  8,475 views
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