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 By Barbwire Stables   •   14th Jul 2010   •   2,946 views   •   3 comments
Just wanted to remind people on here that PONYBOX LLC is not responsible for training advice you may attempt to perform on your horse given by other members or any advise that you may take form other members of this site be it a moderator or another player is completely AT YOUR OWN RISK! Forum Horse Training TipsIn the several years that I have been here on I have seen some terrifyingly horrible advice given by some members who have no clue as to how to train a horse. I have seen things said that could potentially hurt you or your horse. I have seen advice that will only lead to more problems and more bad habits for you and your horse. I have also seen some very good advice given by some players who actually do know what they are doing. You just have to be able to weed through and figure out for yourself what you should take and what you should just leave.

The best thing for you to do it to contact a professional or well know horse trainer in your area and ask them what their opinion on what you have been suggested. Many of them will give you free advice on what you should really be doing to correct the behavior or your horse or work through your problem. Heck, some of them will even offer to come help you without charging depending on the person. Make sure it is a reputable person you are asking. Just because a person is called a Trainer at the barn doesn’t mean that they are. Some “trainers” are just training the riders and not the horse. You need to keep that in mind when asking for advice.

Some things you can do on is to know who is giving you the advice. Actually, that is good to know for anyone giving you training advice. Ask these questions, or know these answers.

1. How long have they been riding for?
2. Have they EVER trained a horse before?
3. Have they ever broken out a horse to ride?
4. What kind of horse experience do they have?
5. Do they do their training or does somebody do it for them?

These are just some simple questions. Just remember we have people here that have never so much as touched a horse, to those that ride here and there, those who never owned one, those that owned many, new riders, those that have been riding for years, those that have trained and broken out horses here and there, and yes believe it or not, even those that are professional trainers.

So like I said, know what kind of experience the person has before you accept their advice. If they can’t tell you or refuse to tell you, then consider if you should use the advice they gave you. Remember to always try to do things as safely as you possibly can for both you and your horse. Do what is going to work best for you and for your horse as you need to look at each horse as an individual with a different personality. Not everything will work exactly the same for each horse. Enjoy your horses for those of you who are lucky enough to own one and remember the most important thing. STAY SAFE!
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Good advice!
  Jul 14, 2010  •  1,518 views
Mystic Magic  
Good article, I think it was a very good topic!
  Jul 15, 2010  •  1,535 views
Very resolute advice. But remember it's quality, not quantity. People I know have been driving for 40 years and still don't know how to change the oil in their car. Saying you've been riding for 50 years means nothing in comparison to quality experiences you've had in those years. A moment in the saddle is never wasted but a lifetime in the saddle does not always mean knowledge gained.
  Jul 16, 2010  •  1,521 views
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