Bonding with Wild Animals
 By Seri   •   16th Jun 2010   •   7,647 views   •   14 comments
Have you ever felt the bond between yourself and a wild animal? This past summer I had the privilege of experiencing such a bond between myself and not only one wild animal but with eighteen wild animals!!

Bonding with Wild AnimalsDuring the summer I stay at our beach trailer for much of the time and get to experience tons of wildlife in the process. One day in April I saw a family of mallard ducks go swimming by in the canal and enjoyed watching the fuzzy ducklings. Little did I know that moment was the start of something so much more. A month or so later I went back to the beach and saw to my delight that the mother duck (Silvara) had decided to rest her brood in my yard. I grabbed my camera and some pieces of bread and lay down on my stomach. I took it slow and began to inch my way up to the family. I gave Silvara (the mother) some bread and she slowly began to accept my presence. The ducklings were very curious about me and would come over to where I lay and began to circle me, trying to figure out what on earth I was. Finally they went back to Silvara and went to sleep.

Our relationship grew so that the ducklings would know when I was more likely to be outside and when I was going to be away from the trailer. It grew to the point in which all I had to do was show myself and they would come running over to me, quacking noisily in the process. I even named them and they learned to respond when I called them individually. There had originally been seven ducklings and before I knew it I had eighteen youngsters with which I could spend my time with. They each had their own personalities and would behave in different ways. One would gently nibble my foot at feeding time in a way of demanding for more food, another would tug my hair softly and when I went to scold him he would look around as if to say, ďI didnít do it!Ē. There was one female in the group and I named her Vestalia. She was very beautiful and knew how to fend for herself when she had too. She also trusted me the most out of all the ducklings because I had saved her from the sea gulls when she was just a fuzz ball. I am hoping this year she will return with her own babies.

Bonding with Wild Animals

I was able to see these beautiful and unique creatures grow and learn life lessons throughout the summer and they quickly developed from awkward chicks to graceful and smart young adults. It was a rewarding experience and I canít help but worry about them right now (and all through the winter) because they are like family to me. I will see some of the boys occasionally but not very often.

Currently I am being privileged with the chance to watch and observe two Osprey families. Almost a month ago I discovered their nests and was able to figure out that the females were guarding eggs! This past weekend I was able to check up on them and found that the eggs have hatched and got to watch interactions between the mother and chick. One of the mothers has grown to accept my presence however her mate is very shy and watches only from a distance.

I also have had the chance to get to know a pod of dolphins over the past winter/spring months and I have been able to watch a young calf grow and play over the months!

I have been blessed in so many ways and I hope that all of you have a chance to experience the feeling of a successful and loving relationship that is returned to you by a wild animal!
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T W I  
Aww! Great story!
  59 days ago  •  4,864 views
thats a gorgeous story! they are so cute
  59 days ago  •  4,894 views
Aww there so cute! Great sory too. :D
  59 days ago  •  4,870 views
That was beautiful. I don't even know how to describe it. It was amazing.
  59 days ago  •  4,861 views
Thanks guys!
  58 days ago  •  4,863 views
That's such a great story! Their SOO CUTE! You should make a video of them! (if you can).
  58 days ago  •  4,940 views
I had the same thing happen to me. Only it was between me and a horse! His name was Shaggy and I have no clue what mixed breeds he was. My friend took me over there because that was where her lessons were. She said that the whole time she was there she couldnt come up to him without getting kicked. Me being the horse lover/gentler that I am I went up to him and he came up to me and nuzzled me. We were BEST friends over the summer until he ran away and was captured by a dog food factory that lived a couple blocks away. :(
  57 days ago  •  4,883 views
A couple weeks ago I was in Montana and I kept seeing deer so almost every day I'd sit by them and on my last day the one came close enough to touch (but I did not) and when my dad pulled up with the truck (which was right by them) they did not run, they stayed right by the truck and as I got in and we drove off they still stayed.
  56 days ago  •  5,044 views
No way,that is so cool!!!
  51 days ago  •  4,905 views
I had a bond with a tree frog =)
  Oct 28, 2010  •  4,892 views
That is awesome! I've got tons of frogs in my backyard but they aren't very social (with people) So a tree frog? That is epic!
  Oct 28, 2010  •  4,861 views
Yup :) 'It' live under the cushions on my bench in the backyard :D He lived there for about a month and then left, but he (Amusing it was a he) would always jump on me and stuff haha, so we would always have to look before sitting down :)
  Oct 30, 2010  •  4,892 views
Castaway Wish  
There are deer near wear I live, and they come around a lot. We live RIGHT across a forest so we see racoons, rabbits, dear, even coyotes! A few large coyotes have killed a few deer around her.
  Nov 18, 2010  •  4,877 views
Cruisin Past Curfew  
Aww, cute story Seri :3
  Apr 29, 2012  •  4,862 views
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