What is Thrush?
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What is ThrushThrush is a bacteria found in a horses hoof. When moisture is present, it creates a fungal infection that eats away the horses frog. It can survive without oxygen and loves moisture. Thrush is most common in the northeast or where there is lots of moisture. If you have ever picked out a horses foot and smelled a foul smell, its probably thrush. Thrush has a really bad smell. It turns the hoof and frog black too. Thrush is normally not deadly to horses. There has been a case or two where a horse has been put put down because it has gotten out of hand, but normally is just causes mild discomfort.

How does a horse get thrush?
A horse gets thrush from the ground. Thrush is found in moist places such as mud and manure. Horses that are standing in mud and manure are likely to get thrush.

Signs of thrush:
*Soreness of the hoofs
*Foul smell
*Black sole and frog
*Black puss like discharge

Preventing thrush:
Daily cleaning of your horses stall should be enough to keep thrush away. Don't keep your horse standing in mud for long periods of time. Keeping your horses hoofs clean is also a good precautionary measure. If you do all of these things, you should not have to deal with thrush at all.

How to treat thrush:
If your horse does develop thrush, there is many treatment options. Kopertox by Fort Dodge and Thrush Remedy by Absorbine are good products that treat thrush. First pick out your horse hoof and make sure then is no dirt that could get in the way. Then use a thrush treatment product. Apply the product to the affected hoofs making sure to get into all of the areas of the hoof. Using a cotton swab or a small paint brush works really well to make sure you got into all the areas of the hoof.

Prevention is the key to keeping thrush away. If you pick your horses hoofs and keep their stall clean, you will probably never have to deal with thrush!
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Good Post, This would helpful for horse owners, But for me, I don't really have a horse..
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happy day  
all of my friends horses have that she uses iodine on the hooves
  Jun 15, 2010  •  8,680 views
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