After the Track
 By Crz4Horses   •   28th Jun 2010   •   3,786 views   •   16 comments
After the TrackMost of us horse lovers all know the names of a few famous racehorses, some even are avid race enthusiasts. We all pay attention to the great racehorses, the big races, and the tragedies, but do we pay attention to what happens to the horses whose career ends prematurely? Of course not. There are many reasons a horse may be take "off the track". First is injury, second, financial issues, and third, bad performances. Usually one of two things happens once a horse is retired from the track at a young age. The first, being sold to a slaughter house, the second, being adopted and re-trained for a different discipline.

The first option of fate for young racehorses is the saddest, but most frequently occurring. Many race owners don't really care what happens to a horse after injury or a bad performance, if they're not making money on the horse, it's worthless to them, so they get as much money as they can for the horse at the slaughter house. These horses may have just had an "off" day and been completely healthy, but raced badly, but the owner didn't take that into consideration. Many times, they are bought at a horse auction by "kill buyers" who buy them for a couple hundred bucks, then bring them to the slaughter house for meat. If this isn't a waste of talent, nothing is!

After the TrackThe second option is re-homing. These are the lucky few who get a new home and lead a happy life as a trail horse, companion, or even a show horse! These horses are the ones who for the same reasons were sent to the same auctions as the slaughtered ones, but were saved by a rescue buyer, or someone who saw something special in them. Horses that are brought home off the track often need to be "re-broke" into a new discipline and need a few months to calm down and adjust to a more leisurely life. I happen to know one of these horses who was given to a friend of mine because he didn't race well. He is now four years old and jumping 3' in the hunters division at local shows. (The bay horse in the pictures of this article) That just goes to show the potential and athleticism of some of these horses.

Granted, not all owners and trainers of race horses are mean and uncaring, most of them do care about their horses. But still, there are thousands of young horses being killed for no good reason, and no one seems to know that these so called "useless" horses may have been great if given a chance! I wrote this article to bring attention to what happens after the track.
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Interesting. I think its great that someone helped to point this out. I suggest maybe a link or two to rescues?
  Jun 28, 2010  •  2,000 views
i have a 15.1 hand bay ex-racehorse tb. she did bad so they sold her. she is soo sweet and she is being trained to be a hunter horse.
  Jun 28, 2010  •  1,727 views
Thunder Hills  
I know a horse like this too. She was a standard bred race horse. She went lame and was sold. The camp I go to every summer rescued her. She can't be ridden by campers, as she hates to have anyone behind her, but she makes a good wrangler horse.
  Jun 28, 2010  •  1,742 views
Star Princess  
All of the horses at my riding lessons area are all rescue horses
  Jun 28, 2010  •  1,735 views
Ebony Acres  
I ride a 16 something TB off the track. Bearinettsie. Anyone in France might have heard of him, or even over on this side of the world! He wasn't as fast as they liked, so they sold him, after his career was over. He's plenty fast for me!
  Jun 28, 2010  •  1,920 views
wow that horse looks exaclty like my friends horse :P
  Jun 28, 2010  •  1,746 views
Suffolk Rose Stables  
I have had many Ex-race horses. Most I admit are Arab's but they make great Endurance horses. I Have a friend that rescues about 4 to 6 Arabs a year off the track and she Trains them in Endurance for about 5 months. Have them Complete two 50 mile rides and then She sells them to men in Arabia or just up north. She makes these horses love what they end up doing
Wonderful Article! Thank you for writing it!
  Jun 29, 2010  •  1,768 views
my mum has an ex racer! hes gorgeous
  Jun 29, 2010  •  1,753 views
I ride race horses, Gallopers and i can personally say there are MANY owners that wont sell their thoroughbred to the slaughters if they are young and can be retrain it is though a different story for the ones with injuries.

But with trotters and pacers you will find that they are the racing horses that do get sold to the doggers simply because of the gaits they have.
I know Australia is doing something about it by having special shows for standardbreds ex racers im not sure on the US or any other country.

Id like to add there is nothing wrong with a ex race horse off the track, Ive bought one who i have become very attached to and one of the racers that are still racing once retired will also be mine.
  Jun 29, 2010  •  1,731 views
OMG i read it 5 times and i dont get what you are writting about!!!!!!!!!!!!lol do better on your next post if you can even make a new one that makes a bit more sence!! hahaha
  Jun 29, 2010  •  1,733 views
Crz4Horses's about what happens to racehorses after they come off the need to be snobbishly rude!
  Jun 29, 2010  •  1,735 views
Ruby it would help if you could actually spell and use proper grammar... and the article makes perfect sense.

Well done Crz4Horses!
  Jun 29, 2010  •  1,721 views
Inactive Member  
jeez ruby that was a bit harsh!!!
Gr8 article Crz4Horses!
  Jul 28, 2010  •  1,747 views
I now jump my 9 year old 17.1 hands horse straight from the track because of a bowed tendon.
  Sep 1, 2010  •  1,782 views
My sis's horse is an ex-racer...his grandfather is the famous secretariat!Other wise we are just normal people with a 13 horse farm including th ex-racer named Cappilletti...his barn-name is Cap!My horses name is Doc's Frosty Magic and her barn name is Emily...i LUV her!
  Oct 29, 2010  •  1,723 views
Cruisin Past Curfew  
We bought an ex-racehorse. His owners gave him up because he didn't do so well. He is so sweet!
  Jun 11, 2012  •  1,723 views
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