Horse Related Mythical Creatures - Centaurs
 By Estella Noire   •   29th Jun 2010   •   18,548 views   •   7 comments
This is the first of a three part series I am writing on horse related mythical creatures. I am starting off with centaurs, then unicorns and then Pegasus.

Horse Related Mythical Creatures - CentaursCentaurs are mythical creatures. Itís head, arms and chest are from a human, and yet the rest of the body is a horse, including all four legs and tail. There are not just horse-centaurs, there are dog-centaurs and deer-centaurs too! The exact time centaurs were Ďthought upí canít really be said, as people would have heard tales about centaurs from their parents, and passed it on to their children, who did the same to their children etc, so there were no real recordings. The oldest illustration of a centaur was dated back to 2000BC in Assyria, and 3000BC in India.

Thereís a lot you can learn about centaurs, as they are a big part in Greek mythology. Greek tradition says that there were two different families of centaurs. One of the most famous centaurs was Chiron, who was father to a more sensible, and organized group of centaurs compared to the others. He didnít posses any powers as some centaurs did, but he was very wise and was said to have taught some great heroes and warriors like Hercules, Jason and Achilles. Unfortunately, Hercules accidentally wounded him with a poisoned arrow whilst trying to chase away some other centaurs. Chiron was said to be immortal, but he gave away his immortality to Titan Prometheus, and died in order to escape the never-ending pain the poison caused. However, Greek tradition says, that hardly any other centaurs were anywhere near this great.

The other family were a group of centaurs that often were said to be drunk and trample peoples crops. They didnít like humans and it was said that centaurs were often sent by Zeus to punish gods and humans for bad deeds. Centaurs can been seen in pictures with St. Anthony Abbot who apparently met a centaur while searching in the desert, and according to some legends, the centaur he met was the devil himself!

Centaurs are now most commonly found in books and films including The Chronicles of Narnia. Although they are often used in fantasy, they are also used in sci-fi and art, and there are lots of famous paintings in which centaurs appear.
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theres actuall yonly one type of "centaurs" and it a horse. i just looked it up
  Jun 29, 2010  •  11,690 views
  Jun 29, 2010  •  11,682 views
Well, Fawny, I think that she ment dog and deer centaurs :)
  Jul 1, 2010  •  11,670 views
There also in Percy Jackson! lol that was great! Chiron is in Percy Jackson :)
  Jul 1, 2010  •  11,670 views
I know!!!!! I dunno how Chiron managed to squeeze his massive body into a tiny wheel-chair but hey he did it so it must be possible!!!!! lololololololol
  Aug 19, 2010  •  11,675 views
Wanderin Boy Memorial  MOD 
Great article ! Well written
  Feb 2, 2011  •  11,669 views
  Jun 14, 2011  •  11,660 views
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