Our Apology
 By PonyBox   •   20th Sep 2010   •   7,317 views   •   41 comments
I guess its that time of year again, more letters from our fans. I typically don't post these for everyone to see, but they wanted to be notified once the article comments were removed. So here is your notification.

The email below was received a few weeks ago. I only copied a few excerpts from the email, since it was extremely long, but I think you will get the point.

To whom it may concern,
My child recently submitted a personal news article to you which you quickly displayed on the site. The article was writen completely by my daughter and has since received alot of rude comments that criticize her riding and the way she handles her horse. These comments have brought severe strain on our family and have consumed our lives of late.

I demand you remove the negative comments immediately or more action will be taken. My daughter has been attending one of the top riding programs in our district, which costs us alot of money. We will not stand for inappropriate comments that criticize and influence the training she is receiving from professionals. I expect to be notified once these comments are removed.

Below is my response and your notification that not only the comments, but the entire article was removed:

The article of concern has been removed along with all associated comments. Please keep in mind that 100% of the news comments are reviewed by us. I did not recognize any rude comments associated with the article you mentioned, except for a few comments strongly disagreeing with the methods used in the article. I hope the complete removal of the article and comments meet your satisfaction.


Ponyboxers: Starting today, if you leave a comment you must be in agreement with the article author. Ponybox will no longer approve comments that disagree with the author, they will be considered rude and in violation of our terms of service. Ponybox strongly encourages you to not go against the grain. Independent thinking will not be tolerated! You know who you are, so behave guys.
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are you serious? is this for real?
  1 days ago  •  2,153 views
Really?? Like you are totally serious? This person had the choice to put THEIR article on here. If they didn't expect to have some negative comment than they might have some trouble in the real world. Does anyone else know where to post an article where you will get tru opinions? Cause I am so done here if this is real.
  1 days ago  •  2,008 views
Strawberry Kiwi Equine  
This is a joke. They had go agree to the terms of service to post the article in the first place. And so does every comment that s accepted. So how could it have been so bad? It's a part of freedom of speech to be able to disagree with things and post an honest opinion..
  1 days ago  •  2,141 views
Happy Stables  MOD 
That's to bad it caused so much strain. I'm sure the comments where meant to help her.
  1 days ago  •  2,073 views
Fiagai  MOD 
I'm sorry, Jeff, but I have to say I don't agree with the new policy.
If you looked over the article and saw no rude comments or anything that violated the rules, then I don't see how the mother of the player who posted the original article can take further action.
Punishing the players who take the time to read and to comment on the articles displayed on the front page of the website by removing their right to post honest opinions on a subject just doesn't seem right.
Whatever anyone puts on an internet forum is going to have a a percentage of people for and against the topic. If they don't like the criticism - positive or otherwise - then they shouldn't post the article on an 'open' forum.
  1 days ago  •  2,101 views
I think that there is a difference between voicing your opinion, and arguing with the author. I think this policy is a bit too strict
  1 days ago  •  2,044 views
T W I  
If I may quote one of your recent articles: "If you submit news be prepared to get a different opinions. a news contributor, if you are not prepared for this, you may want to consider not submitting your news article."

Not being able to deal with critism, especially if it is well intended is the author's problem.
Withot any lively discussion or debating, I've got to say the news section of Ponybox will become a lot less interesting and fun.

I sincerely hope this is a joke.
  1 days ago  •  2,033 views
Signature Farms Int  
A sad decision, yet I'm sure it will be beneficial in the long run- I suppose.
  1 days ago  •  2,057 views
DejaVu  MOD 
Guys, I'm pretty sure he is being sarcastic. Of course you can voice your opinion.
  1 days ago  •  2,090 views
C and W Ranch  
I'm sorry, but this seems a little much. I believe that if the so mentioned "child" didn' want comments, whether they be agreeing or disagreeing, they shouln't have submitted an article. Creative criticism and different opinions are apart of life. They are setting their child up for extreme failure if they are complaining about a few comments that didn't agree with their daughter. Gee, what has America come to if we cannot even practice our own freedom of speech by voicing our opinion about a subject or matter. It seems a bit ridiculous and far fetched to let it come to this. They are simply ruining any chance we have of giving our own opinion because they didn't like their daughter being disagreed with. Sorry if this is going to be reported for disagreement, but it is my honest opinion and my mother ALWAYS taught me to be honest.
  1 days ago  •  2,055 views
Dark Star  
Lets hope, Deja. I mean, I've read alot of the 'rude' comments, and I see them as voicing opinion, or constructive criticism. I havn't ever seen someone on here say something mean or 'rude' just to hurt someone's feelings. I think this rule is taking away our right to freedom of speech.
'If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen' goes really good right here.
  1 days ago  •  2,038 views
I think that this is good, it is a better way to keep ponybox safe, keep up the good work Jeff!
  1 days ago  •  2,072 views
I think this rule is way too strict concerning the mother and daughter in this situation. Comments cannot put a strain on their lives, or consume them, and I really hope she exaggerated when she wrote that. Her daughter set herself up for different opinions when she submitted an article, and her mother needs to come to terms with that. I don't care if you're being trained by the best show jumper or dressage queen in the entire country, you're going to get critisism no matter what. Yes, this is taking away our freedom of speech. I don't think I need to copy the sixteen Rights of Americans here, do I? If you hadn't noticed, one of them is a right to free speech and press. Being an owner of the site doesn't give anyone the right to make such a decision as this.

Say a girl posts an article, showing pictures of her horse tied up in many knots and loops to a fence post by the bridle instead of a halter. I'm sure a few people are going to disagree with doing so. Instead, everyone must agre
  1 days ago  •  2,318 views
No Walkin Farms9  
"Independent thinking will not be tolerated!" I have no doubt Jeff is being sarcastic with that comment.
  1 days ago  •  2,314 views
If he is being sarcastic, I really do not appreciate it. I'm sure everyone thought this was serious since it was coming from Jeff. Everyone's going to refrain from posting their honest opinions on articles because of this.
  1 days ago  •  2,318 views
L u n a r  
"Independent thinking will not be tolerated! You know who you are, so behave guys."

Are you serious right now? Thats just wrong. So basically your telling us not to think for ourselves and let others know our opinion? Wow. Just wow. I really hope your being sarcastic.
  1 days ago  •  2,326 views
Rosemont Hill  
Ok, I'm pretty sure he's being sarcastic guys. Why would he not have us writing articles if he doesn't want us thinking independently or having a voice in this world. I'm really sorry if it's not a joke, but it really has to be. Not thinking independently is absolutely the worst thing anyone has told me. If he really means this, I'm quitting. No point staying if this is the way it's gotta be.
  1 days ago  •  2,533 views
are you serious toffelola? if you,or anyone, cant handle 'rude' comments online then how on earth can you possibly survive the real world? if this isnt a joke then i will have to consider quitting, as that rule would be violating the free speach part of the united states! and it would confirm my thinking that this site is turning into a site for babies! unreal!
  1 days ago  •  2,619 views
Fourtrees are being sarcastic right?
  1 days ago  •  2,566 views
Oh, it seems very rude to post someone's email on the internet like that, however rude they may be.
  1 days ago  •  2,566 views
Oh, it seems very rude to post someone's email on the internet like that, however rude they may be.
  1 days ago  •  2,566 views
Brave Star  
I think .. You have to do.. what you have to do . To keep everyone happy, and to many people are looking to deep into the title and not the article itsef !
  1 days ago  •  2,527 views
City on the Hill  
Must I say this? Shut up and be happy. Even if this is sarcasm. I just had to say that. I don't care if its sarcasm or for real.
  1 days ago  •  2,638 views
I think if this person doesn't want their child to ever experience criticism they need to lock them away in a single padded room. .

Letting them be online in any capacity is just asking for criticism. lol
  1 days ago  •  2,557 views
Twilight, like Deja said, we can post our opinion. We do not all need to "shut up and be happy". You can if you want, of course.
  1 days ago  •  2,127 views
i think we should still be allowed to say our opinion. but i do agree, people need to definately be less harsh, and not criticize people and their riding
  1 days ago  •  2,168 views
Fantasy Farms  
Its such a shame that the person and the persons mother who emailed you can't take other peoples opinions. I love ponybox because I can submit articles and I love to hear other peoples opinions!
  1 days ago  •  2,139 views
Santa Ana Ranch  MOD 
*falls down laughing*

HAHA I love you Jeff!!

How dare we have our own thoughts and ideas!
I'm terribly sorry for thinking on my own. I will try harder to be a robot.

*flips switch to ModBot Mode*
  1 days ago  •  2,183 views
Santa Ana Ranch  MOD 
*falls down laughing* HAHA I love you Jeff!!How dare we have our own thoughts and ideas!I'm terribly sorry for thinking on my own. I will try harder to be a robot. *flips switch to ModBot Mode*
  1 days ago  •  2,263 views
PonyBox  MOD 
*falls down laughing* HAHA I love you Jeff!!How dare we have our own thoughts and ideas!I'm terribly sorry for thinking on my own. I will try harder to be a robot. *flips switch to ModBot Mode*
  1 days ago  •  2,206 views
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